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Monday, November 06, 2006

Charmed at First Sight LOVER

I must admit something. I watch Anime. That is, Japanese cartoons. They are available on DVD at Amazon.com, dubbed into English and woderfully packaged, but I download pirated versions with subtitles and original nihongo voice acting. I have even started reading Manga and a "light novel."

Now, Anime is not necessarily your Saturday morning cartoons. One of my favorites is called Elfen Lied, and it starts with a naked woman murding 14 guards and escaping a research facility. The plot includes child molestation, sociopathic spec-ops soldiers, severe emotional trauma, etc.

Well, although there isn't much American animation with these topics, the plots are all available in English. So why seek out translated Japanese fiction?

I think it's because I identify more with the Japanese culture in their fiction more than I identify with the American culture portrayed by Hollywood. They are more polite, even when fighting to the death stylistically. Sex and emotion are correlated. The women dress better. They value skill and achievement, rather than shameless boasting. They are willing (in fiction at least) to die for honor or ideals, rather than compromise. They also tend to fight with swords. I love swords. Err.. Silence is used to convey meaning. Subtlety is understood. Women can bathe together, as long as there is appropriately placed steam or bubbles.

What is there not to love?


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