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Monday, October 09, 2006

"the priest is on a drunken rampage."

wow. More great quotes:

"There is a long history of alcohol abuse in Russia. Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev tried to tackle the problem 20 years ago by limiting the production and distribution of liquor. Male life expectancy increased three years."

Ok, there were no other great quotes. On the last page the L.A. Times implied that what Russian need is socialised healthcare. Because, you know, socialism worked out so well for them in the past. This is actually a great example, because the fallacy of socialism is more obvious. If you trained every capable person in Russia to be a doctor, there probably still wouldn't be enough doctors. Now, explain who is going to make the needles and electricity and pills. The State will buy them! From whom? [expletive deleted] communists. I'm referring to the LA Times. My friend the other day said "You'd be a 'get naked and punch the waitress for being a commie' drunk." Damn right. If I ever drink again I'll be sure to log on and post something more lucid than DailyKos could ever come up with. [expletive deleted] commie bastards.


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