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Friday, October 06, 2006

I should sleep instead of rambling incoherently

First, a good article on the Foley scandal.

Although I'm sure the mass media won't hype this, word will get around. Now, let's talk about my favorite subject- me.

"Attraction to adolescents is not commonly regarded by psychologists as inherently pathological, only when it interferes with other relationships, becomes an obsession adversely affecting other areas of life, or causes distress to the subject." - Wikipedia, but I think they plagiarized it pretty thoroughly

Well, that's nice. I'm not pathological. However, I probably cause distress to others at times- should we come up with a new term for that, like exopathological?

It's nice that this came up because it seems like I may actually be a chronophiliac, ie, my psychosexual development is frozen at a different point than my chronological age. That's probably because I've devoted my life to engineering since adolescence, rather than forming relationships and eventually reaching the flower of manhood. Whatever. Somebody has to save this crummy civilisation.

Ayn Rand was a bit naive and idealistic, but she had the right idea. Society functions because people like me make it function. (Thankfully, the US has a high percentage of such people). When you invent a cheaper product, you only get half the reward- the consumer gets the other half of the benefit in the form of lower prices. The consumer has done nothing to earn this. It's not really "fair." In theory the discrepancy can be infintitely close to zero, which would give the originator all the benefits of his invention, but in reality the information costs and brand loyalty and so forth mean that there must be a noticeable price break for the consumer.

Alternately, increased functionality at the same price. Anyway, the important part is the crazy profits.


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