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Friday, May 12, 2006

Hiatus Over Now

Back to the high-quality writing. Well... honestly, I think the Freedom of Information is brilliant, and should be incorporated into Western Civilisation 2.0. I still need to do some more research, since I'm a little shaky on post-19th century philosophy, but most of it is postmodernist claptrap anyway.

The basic requirements for Western Civilisation 2.0 (WC2) will be:

*Self perpetuating (Go forth, be fruitful and multiply. Smite your enemies, and convert them to WC2)

*Reverse compatible (must be acceptable to WC1 users)

*Interoperable (Must be able to coexist with other civilisations, at least until they're smitten and converted. Smited. Smote. Smoten.)

*Effective use of emergent behaviors (When the individual acts rationally, society benefits. This is a feature of capitalism. This is not a feature of communism. It's a good feature. It must avoid situations where the individual gains by acting against society. Like communism.)

*Rationality (Must be self-consistent and consistent with reality, or at least noncommittal enough to squeak by.

*Emotional appeal (Because most people do not choose a philosophy for rationality. They choose a philosophy that tells them to do what they already want to do. Evangelism will rest on economic pressure and changing the desires of the target population through propaganda.)

*Effective (The end result must be aligned with the goals of individuals, ie, food, sex, and loud music.)


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