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Saturday, March 25, 2006

EtherMedia Report

Hm, I haven't done much actual reporting. I reported on the third presidential debate in 04, but that was before I had a blog. I think I mentioned some other people I've met.

Anyway, I met the president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Chris Simcox. That's not the Minuteman Project- in fact I haven't sorted it out yet. Anyway he was there endorsing Bill Montgomery for AZ state Attorney General. Montgomery was there, and I talked to him, but he's just a politician and a lawyer to boot. I don't vote for lawyers, although I may make an exception for AG, since all the candidates are lawyers.

Anyway they're all about the "rule of law." Makes sense, considering, but I'm really not into this law and order business. Yeah, I like hanging murderers and horse thieves and child molesters as high as practical (rope ain't free), but law and order... civil society... I'm more comfortable in the dirt with the dogs (literally).

Oh, and he dissed John McCain for being soft on immigration. He had an anti-McCain shirt from Cafe Press he showed us.

Will's Fashion Revue
Course it was a black tie affair, coats optional. I had to throw my grey shirt in the washer cuz I'm not wearing a red shirt with a tie. I can't stand to look like a waiter. And I don't do B&W, and the black-on-black is too British Game Show for a fundraiser. And blue is too engineery. I actually don't have any coats in AZ... that's a liability. And I need more ties. Dunno what happened to mine, but all I have is this long black one in a double windsor.

I think that was it... law and order... There was a local state district representative running for state senate. She was goofy, and she called her opponent a RINO, but she was all about lower taxes. Then she started rambling, and Montgomery's campaign advisor (I think) cut her off. Her daughter was cute though (little girl, not LITTLE but 13 years old and kinda small for her age), and smarter than half the politicians there. I got somebody else's kid to eat chocolate fondue dipped cheese. Hahaha. Too bad it wasn't anybody famous (I think).


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