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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Sparked by a post at Kevin's blog... A circuitous rant which culminates in a hint at something that must be fleshed out in a long essay later on.

I am a stoic, more or less, and so I am ascetic. I find it odd that people buy designer clothes, but I do have some Business 2.0 clothing myself, and aside from the necessity of bedecking onesself with gew gaws to impress the semiliterate apes with whom one is forced to deal... we are all conditioned to feel better when we dress up.

Buying designer baby clothes, however, seems entirely unnecessary. Buying baby health insurance seems unnecessary. Spending 80000 bucks on ICU for an infant seems unnecessary. It's evolution. Stuff happens. I'm sorry. I know that I'm a cold and uncompassionate person, but a dead baby goes to heaven or gets recycled or something. There's no need to feel sorry for it. The only reason people go to such insane lengths is that our protective instincts are not controlled by the reason God gave us. Evolution demands that we protect our offspring. Evolution makes us love our offspring. When I have some, I will also be subject to that semi-rational force of nature.

But from the standpoint of evolution, which underlies our base instincts and familial affection, it is better to toss the body and have another baby (depending on factors like income, the mother's health, et cetera). Since our emotions and reason both come from evolution (God), why should we bow to one and not the other? It is a lack of discipline.

People buy so much worthless crap for babies. I can understand a car seat, although those are overpriced.

Here's some circumstancial evidence for you. It started in the Northwest, I think, and is spreading. People "can't afford" kids.. nevermind that Ethiopians can afford children... so they have dogs.

People spend thousands of dollars per year on crap for their dogs. Even the skinflints among them suspend their sense of comparative shopping and go nuts at Petsmart. If anything, this is more ludicrous than..

Look, dogs DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Also, they are DOGS. Yeah, food, clean water, maybe some shots or heartworm pills depending on location... I say tie em up in the back yard with a dog house or shed... I know I'd rather sleep outside than with some of these people.

And I like dogs. I really do. The thing is, they are animals and have limited inputs and outputs. Yeah, some are smart. Oh well. So are Ethiopians, and I don't see anyone feeding them, much less buying them bomber jackets. Yes, they make bomber jackets for dogs. No, I don't know why. Yes, people buy them.

I guess part of the problem is people treat their dogs better than I treat myself. They anthropomorphise animals, then feel compassion, then try to make their dogs happy. Nowhere in this process does the force of reason come into play.

I hope I'm offending some of you, because everything I see offends me. Then again, I have a thick skin.

Babies, now, we have a reason to care for them. They are anthropo, so there's no need to morphise them. ? . ...

I promise, a 4 month old doesn't know who Mickey Mouse is. Intellectual stimulation is great, but must you purchase the most expensive plush toy there is? Couldn't you go with Bob the Rabbit and save the money for its college education or something? Also, isn't it a bit early to start brain washing the kid into mass culture?

Don't even get me started on alcohol... Of course I assume that anyone reading this is comfortably middle class, or at least not amongst the hordes of white trash with whom I was whelped.

Creature comforts are fine. Most people have no reason to live anyway, other than the pursuit of the next bauble. Of course, what I really mean is the mindless quest to oversatisfy obsolete instincts by hoarding shiny things, displaying wealth to attract mates, overeating to build fat stores for potential famine, engaging in casual nonreproductive sex in a vain effort to reproduce...

But don't put creature comforts like Baby Gap ahead of your duty to the future of the human race.

The real point: We have a declining birth rate, a fragmented culture, and we incentivise the wrong things. In the immortal words of NoFX:

Mensa membership exceeding
Tell me why and how are all the stupid people breeding
Watson, it’s really elementary
The industrial revolution
Has flipped the bitch on evolution
The benevolent and wise are being cornered, ostracized, what a bummer
The world keeps getting dumber
Insensitivity is standard and faith is being fancied over reason

Darwin’s rollin over in his coffin
The fittest are surviving much less often
Now everything seems to be reversing, and it’s worsening
Someone flopped a steamer in the gene pool
Now angry mob mentality’s no longer the exception, it’s the rule
And I’m startin to feel a lot like Charlton Heston
Stranded on a primate planet
Apes and orangutans have ran it to the ground
With generals and the armies that obeyed them
Followers following fables
Philosophies that enable them to rule without regard

There’s no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated
Political scientists think the same one vote that some monkeys are inbred
Majority rule... don’t work in mental institutions
Sometimes the smallest softest voice carries the grand biggest solutions

We need the next phase in the philosophy of western civilisation.


And there it ends, with a theory of natural rights and the foundation of mass behavior. What is needed in the long run is a philosophy that, when shared by all individuals, results in the optimum society.

In the short run we have to save Western Civilisation. Ideas to follow at a later date.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you are gonna quote a song quote the whole thing, taken out of context the song means something else, and it doesn't nessacerialy mean that...

The Idiots have taken over
Idiots have taken over!

9:27 AM  

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