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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Every generation believes it is the last. We have been living in the end times for millenia. The revolution is always just around the corner.

This is usually the vagary of age and human nature, but history shows us that revolutions happen quite often. Civilizations can fall.

With the current trends in American politics, I wonder whether it would be wise to switch from my current mix of drivel, pop culture, and philosophy to some other format that includes practical information on conducting revolutionary activities. I have had the need to go "spec ops" on several occasions myself. Perhaps it is time to start training our children for the Great Day of Comeuppance.

I have none, as yet. Revolution... war... most on the Right side of the spectrum say that war is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. They hate war, but see it as a necessity. I dislike war, but only because it is not violent enough. I prefer the thrill of single combat. War is a dispassionate struggle of numbers and planning, different from the current state of affairs only by virtue of the excercise of force to achieve its goals. I prefer peace, freedom, and prosperity, of course, if only for the benefit of my posterity.

The United States appears to have another 150 years left in it, and perhaps it will last longer. In its current form, it is not so bad, although it threatens the sanity of anyone intelligent enough to understand how flawed, inefficient, brutal our social structures are.

We deride public education, and in truth it has slipped from the quality of its heydey; however, when compared to what is POSSIBLE, the system is truly pathetic. Without education, our other institutions can only improve slowly and by evolutionary chance. Our leaders are imbeciles, and public education can be blamed. What is worse, the current crop of teachers is now a product of that same flawed system; the decline in quality has achieved feedback loop status, and its effects are being felt in every other field.

The picture is not so bleak as that, though the positive factors are harder to paint. I am too young to comment on the change in society over the last 50 years or so, but based on the 50 - 100 year old books and documents that I have read, fiction and nonfiction, I think that the ether mind is improving.

the ether mind, the network, the collective consciousness, "Society..."

Those who understand, at least partially, the nature of the network mind can change the world. So, would it benefit from more knowledge of counterintelligence? Survivalist doctrines? Insurgency tactics? The spread of these things may make them unnecessary or obsolete. The network mind has only a limited processing power, and a lot of it is dedicated to finding the next American Idol.


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