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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Simile of the Year Award

"Whirling around like the Sufi doctrine movement," - Political Speculation, written by a member of Al Qaeda

Here's another great quote:

"A third letter is included at the end from Salman Yahya Hasan Mohammed Al-Rabi’I to Furqan Al-Tajiki professing his undying love. This is not of apparent consequence." - Synopsis of 'Letter of Threat to Americans'

I disagree. Furqan appears to be a man. I didn't see any evidence of Salman's gender, but the author of the Synopsis says that Salman is also a dude. I think this release is likely to get one or both of them killed. And no, it is not the brotherly love that is shared between religious fanatics. "I love you as the pure water, as the running river, and as the blooming spring roses." WTF, guys. WTF.

"- Mining the valleys and main roads leading to us with controlled mines. Keep in mind that there are mines in existence in the trenches at Khaladbin ‘Atash.
- Place (10) brothers in combat (illegible).
-If mines are not available, prepare a plan for us.
-Cook dry rice to be served with dates." - Letter of Threat to Americans


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