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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Or Die

The thing that moderates don't understand about Freedom is that we don't want freedom because it's a luxury. Freedom is not just something that makes the wheels spin better and makes my salsa taste extra fresh during the superbowl. (Note to self- buy salsa?)

Freedom is not a nice thing to have like the Patent Office. It is not a fun decision-making opportunity like what color Outlander to buy. It is not there to make our society run more smoothly, like democracy.

The reason we want freedom is because Freedom is the absence of slavery. It is an undeniable moral and ethical right of every human. There is no Law of Diminishing Returns that says we can take a little bit of oppression in exchange for better public services.

Oh, that tradeoff makes sense from an economic perspective, and money is everything, right? Who cares if the huddled masses are indoctrinated and forced into an opium dream for their natural lives, if it makes them better workers? We must have progress.

I spit on this economic rationalising and this attempt to justify slavery "because we reallllly want it." I'd like to meet a practicing Marxist in a dark alley in our official capacities.


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