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Friday, February 24, 2006

If I were a dictator...

There're still a few aftershocks from the James Frey non-incident. Basically, it turns out that his autobiography, in which he repeatedly claimed to be a con man, was full of lies.

See, Oprah and millions of other... people... are incapable of applying knowledge. This is what makes life on Earth so hideously painful for the rest of us.

For hundreds of pages, Frey claims to be a horrible person, a thief, a liar, et cetera. Yet his other statements are accepted WITHOUT QUESTION despite the fact he's making money off the book?

He's a criminal, but he won't lie to me, in this mass marketed hardback.

THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO SMUGLY INFORM US THAT "We shouldn't believe everything we read."

That said, the backlash is now just as ignorant, insular, parochial, and clueless about real life.

Take the letter quoted here, and a similar sentiment from other sources: that the stories were ridiculous and shouldn't have been believed on that basis.

One example of a ridiculous story is the "root canal without anesthesia." Why is that ridiculous? Does it violate the laws of physics? No. Is it unlikely? Well, my father had a root canal without anesthetic once, although I never extracted the full story. I think it involved cash under the table or somesuch.

No, the reason that the root canal story is "ridiculous" is that the bourgeoisie of this country cannot contemplate enduring physical pain. They float through life in a pink haze of Care-Bear-esque good vibrations. And, if it can't happen to them, then it can't happen.

I suppose that's the same syndrome that inspires them to tell inventors "It will never work," to tell entrepreneurs "You'll go bankrupt," and to believe that the Government will be here to protect us forever, history notwithstanding.

The same syndrome that leads them to believe everything in a book.

The same syndrome that leads them to believe what they see on CNN and the Reuters feed.



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