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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here's a little ditty I wrote a year or so ago

Here it goes
another freestyle rant
about the left wing demagogues and socialist tyrants
Who lie to you for your good
to make you industrious citizens
then they cry and wonder why some of us
vote for Republicans
who only want to help their industrial friends
but that's horse radio edit, a really bad assumption
that the capitalist rich would ever do something
to help their friends in aerospace or big oil
a capitalist got no friends in a world in turmoil
George W, you kids remember him?
They said he was letting his Dick control him
sticking his hardware in the hottest countries
All to help somebody else make money?
Ridiculous, though I'm sure he would
take the oil for himself if he could
I would and you would we couldn't
but if he could then good, but he didn't,
and everyone got confused.
Wasn't the President greedy? of course, he just refused
for some secret evil reason
that we don't know
and his opposition's dropping hints
about a big show to pull the wool over our eyes.
Yeah, he killed a bunch of guys to get votes. That makes sense.
I wonder if Kerry and the others lied during their lents?

Here I am,
radical polemics
insinuating subsonic
while a million little robotics learn politics by pneumonic
What was that Will? Are you being sardonic?
No ma'am I'm not, I'm just on chronic.
It's my belief that I'm radically right
since the left thinks that you shouldn't fight
everyone should hold hands and get along
share what you have by the campfire,
then tell stories and sing songs,
But what about the grizzly bear that's no fun
Give him little Johnny, we can't have guns
And what about the fat kid that ate all the marshmallows
and what about the councillor
politics makes strange bedfellows
but some of them don't like it
and what about the other kid
grabbing the fat kid's breasts
because we never get to the peak
because he needs frequent rests
and what about the dumb kids
who spent their money on comics
so I'm forced to buy sunscreen for them,
instead of a supply of narcotics?
And what about me, that's the important thing
nobody ever asked me if i would go camping
they showed up in my cabin
and said quarter the troops
but i give no quarter and their water's
contaminated with my

Here we are,
It's such a relief,
that capitalist fascists fight for their beliefs
they may be greedy and stubborn and ready to fight
but that just means less deceit from the radically right
the socialist guerrillas may fight for their cause
but that's ironically reactionary faith in the laws
not a cryptologically sound, publicly held solution
of property rights and equality and national dissolution
They could have what they wanted if they just got their head on this
that radical policies should be antifederalist
if half the country hates utilitarian ethics
and you can see the red stain across census metrics
if geography's a factor in electoral eclectics
then maybe they should stay home and just bone
or shun my politics
leave my state of being alone
I'm done with these rich chicks
these trust fund kids all grown up
I'm done with debate tricks
they've all been shown up
lived and lied by the tongue
fought and died by the tongue
They come and argue and chide
and just snide with their tongues
and I turn it around
throw facts down on the ground
show the crowds how I found
abstract truth all around
but they refuse to concede
though philosophies bleed and it sounds
like they're fools and their schools of thought rot
and the irony they're wrought with
twists like the truth
and finally falls out, sick
like one more decayed tooth

Here it ends
So they want to to force peace
but I live by the gun
If they live by a pen
then they'll die by one
You can't end violence by being polite
so I'll fight for my rights
Shut off their lights
get their skulls in my sights
and wish them a good night
and all because spite-
it sounds trite but it might
be quite true that they rue what I write
when we rise up to the skies
and get rid of these guys
and renounce all their lies
then they'll see the light
and if not, we'll be free
and still radically right.


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