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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Adventures of ManiaC Provost - Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

ManiaC Provost: is it because I'm an idiot?
Subject B: that's possible
ManiaC Provost: watashi wa baka desu ka?
Subject B: I speak English.
ManiaC Provost: you should learn more languages
Subject B: I would love to. Problem is, my town is limited to Spanish, English, and Chinese speaking people, and my school only teaches French and Spanish
Subject B: You find me a good source of multi-lingual people to teach me more languages and I'll learn them.
ManiaC Provost: there are many web sites that teach languages, with sound files made by native speakers. If you want to learn something, just drop out of school so you have time.
Subject B: I tried to convince my mom that was the way to go once. Didn't work too well.
ManiaC Provost: tell her that an internationally known polymathic genius told you to drop out
Subject B: I don't lie.
ManiaC Provost: the school system is designed to indoctrinate you and keep you out of the work force as long as possible
Subject B: and teach nothing but English and Math
ManiaC Provost: the schools teach English?
ManiaC Provost: how many tenses are there in the English language?
Subject B: 3/6 depending on what you consider a tense
Subject B: so says the Grammar Handbook in the back of the English book.
Subject B: Our teacher assumes we've been taught basics so focuses more on broadening our horizons by blessing us with her knowledge on Orwell
Subject B: and teaching us how to see things through the Orwellian lense.
Subject B: Every day

... ... ...

ManiaC Provost: twelve major tenses in English result from combining each of three times (past, present, future) with each of four aspects (simple, continuous (also known as "progressive or "imperfect"), perfect, and continuous perfect)
ManiaC Provost: but more pertinently, most people don't know what a tense is after 12 years of public education
Subject B: they teach honors kids. Busy work is for the academic and general kids. They don't learn anything. The kids that show inklings of superiority early on actually get to be taught enough to stay ahead of the others.
Subject B: It's funny how they put above average kids further ahead of others instead of trying to improve the average.
ManiaC Provost: they only teach you enough to prevent a rebellion, because they have to.
Subject B: I wish I could go to a boarding school.
ManiaC Provost: yeah, but society can't afford that. because it taxes you 3000$ a year to provide public education.
Subject B: and yet they keep cutting education funds in Indiana so the quality of schools keeps getting worse and worse.
Subject B: and private schools get the same funds as public schools, so with the funds and massive tuition prices for private schools, I would be way more educated if I went to a boarding school or at least a private school and distanced myself from the people that distract me and the teachers that don't teach me.
ManiaC Provost: the problem with private schools getting money from the state is that they care about you to the exact percentage of the tuition that you pay
ManiaC Provost: colleges screw their students all the time because of federal financial aid. The student isn't really the customer.


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