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Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's sticky and I can't get it off

Forgive the crotchety Andy Rooney-style rambling, but I hate paperwork.

For some reason, I have the knack of ending up on the wrong side of the red tape. I'll have to get up before 10 AM for the next several months, because I didn't have authorization to go through this procedure in order to allocate a good time slot until after said time slots were taken. I spent hours today trying to get clearance to actually do this other thing, including filling out a form that they claim no longer exists.

Then, the failure to file a form by such and such date- when the forms were unavailable at the time I tried to get them- cost me about 5 grand in 2005. Because of the first problem above, which also occurred previously, I was unable to get funding to cover most of that, which resulted in financing which will be reimbursed but only through a procedure that is Goldbergian in its simplicity.

Oh, and I didn't file my taxes last year, although I filed them and paid what I owed. Apparently a Tax ID # was wrong. I'm not particularly concerned since I don't owe any money, and if push comes to shove I can probably show I had no obligation to file... regardless of the accuracy of that statement.

I still need to file the form for the second problem once I drive 30 miles to get a superfluous signiature, but then I guess I'll be done until it's time to apply...


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