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Monday, January 16, 2006

Another feel-good post from Kevin

is located here.

I am optimistic about the future of our right to bear arms. To clarify "right": Even if the second amendment is a meaningless bit of filler text, as some experts proclaim, we still have a natural right to bear arms.

To clarify "optimistic": A lot of states are implementing right-to-carry laws. There's the "castle" law in Florida. The people in gun-controlled zones are being killed off faster than the rest of us by gun violence, so demographics are in our favor.

Of course, some people still want a national ban on handguns. It chaps their ass to know that a thousand miles away, people are living under their own democratic rule.

For the record, when guns are outlawed, I will still have them. In fact, I will have more. I personally have never fired anything but an SKS, M-16, SAW, and dummy grenades and rockets.. maybe a hunting rifle once. I like rifles in an abstract sense- I have one, across the country, unloaded and uncleaned. I don't have any now because I don't need any. I can defend myself with my bare hands.

That's the crux of the problem, isn't it? If guns could be eliminated, I would be able to kill nearly any woman with my bare hands, and most men depending on luck. Armed with knives? I win. Armed with rocks? I win. The only way to protect women from me and people like me is to give them guns, in the hope that they might be faster on the draw.

Firepower is power. We protect individual freedom by spreading power around, hence democracy. We create control by consolidating power in the hands of the government.

But guns kill people! Yes, and you cannot stop it. You can only make it worse.


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