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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Adventures of ManiaC Provost - On the Job

Play-do: ...To pay for the sins of man, so that those who accepted what He did for us could be saved and spend eternity in Heaven.
maniacprovost: I need to flip through the gospels again
Play-do: Why, do you think that's wrong?
maniacprovost: well, it seems unlikely. and the thing is, i don't remember Jesus actually saying that
Play-do: God says that.
maniacprovost: hmm
maniacprovost: really?
Play-do: Yeah.
maniacprovost: okay, according to John 12:24, he died because that was the best way to convert people to his new religion
Play-do: Let me get my Bible... (pause) I don't thnk that's what's being said.
maniacprovost: that's the first thing i saw when i opened it
Play-do:Read the entire passage, though. From 20-35.
maniacprovost: well 26 could be interpreted as calling for mass suicide
maniacprovost: and i suppose you can interpret the wheat parable as meaning saving people from damnation, rather than converting them to christianity
Play-do: Well, that's what I was thinking. If you want to get technical, Jesus' death represents the birth of Christianity, so it's in that way (saving people) that you couild interpret it as converting to a new religion.
maniacprovost: they're the same if you look at it one way
Play-do: I know, that's what I just said.
maniacprovost: but God could just forgive everyone. i look at it another way
Christianity has controlled the course of human history for 2000 years
1700 at least
and all of that without the need for a single miracle
If you're God, and you make up all these intricate laws of physics, do you want to go around breaking them all the time? I wouldn't, so i suppose i'm a deist
Jesus' death was a necessary PR stunt that made Christianity as strong as it is
Play-do: "PR?"
maniacprovost: public relations
Play-do: But then what's the need for it, as far as entering Heaven is concerned?
maniacprovost: maybe there is none
but christianity is also an evolution in moral thinking
it's really a quantum leap from the law-based systems that existed previously
before it was, don't do this, do that, if you masturbate wash your hands
now you have to actually abide by the spirit of the law and love everyone, which leads to a better society than merely trying ot find loopholes in the law
so if God has some purpose for humanity, this evolution of moral thought must have been necessary to get there
and to spread the new ideas, he needed a proselytising religion
and to make a really catchy religion, he sent his avatar to die
3 years of walking around, a couple of stunts, and the entire evolution of the human race is changed for the rest of eternity
but that's just one interpretation


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