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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Now that I've reduced its rotational momentum,

the spin of the filibuster compromise has lost its power.

(CAFTA post will be tomorrow. I had this one already written and telegraphed to the blog printer, and I intend to be involved in a heterosexual marriage eventually, so I didn't feel like writing for an hour.)

If the GOP plays this right, (punintentional - get it? pun unintentional? so many levels of punditry) this "compromise" will be a large victory in the war of attrition. Here's the ideal scenario, which gains probability because it assumes optimal strategy by the Democrats:

1) Three "extremist" judges confirmed, apparently against the principles of the Dems.
2) Another judge nominated.
3) Judge confirmed.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until Left's base starts to cry and burn flags
5) Another Judge nominated.
6) Judge filibustered.
7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until public becomes outraged and RINOs agree to vote nuclear. Supposedly, the compromise means the Dems would be able to filibuster some judges. The president can nominate a very large number of judges. Eventually, the vacant slots will be filled.

That might take more than 4 years, so.... oh well, the judiciary's not that important anyway. At least, it's not supposed to be.

Monday, May 30, 2005


How Liberal / Conservative Are You?

Your Political Profile

Overall: 85% Conservative, 15% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

The quiz (via Conservative Dialysis, and located at the link above) is all right, although it is based on the assumption that one is conservative (read: GOP party stalwart) or liberal (read: post-liberal communist sympathizer). As a radical libertarian, a lot of the answer choices left me highly unsatisfied.

In fact, the Libertarian Party isn't good enough for me. Even apolitical school children laugh at the LP, since its "platform" is more or less a manifesto explicating a rigid ethical system. Note that a platform should be a set of realistic policy proposals that have broad support in the electorate.

Manifesto, Platform. Platform, Manifesto. These two things are not the same. Yet, though willing to be crazy and extreme, the LP is ashamed to admit that it theoretically supports the overthrow of the US government. Theoretically, many people support this. I support revolution, in theory. In practice it's messy and unlikely to produce good results. A political party can't really support the overthrow of the political system, regardless, although I suppose a militant group could.

There will be an actual post about the CAFTA and how wonderful it is, and its implications for our War on Terror and Western Hemisphere strategic goals, later. Around 1 am CDT Tuesday.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Here's an idea

It's a new show for FOX: "Troops."

Basically, they follow a different unit each week and shoot an hour special about them, following the "Cops" format.

Bad boys bad boys
Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they gun for you
Bad boys, bad boys
Watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they gun for you

The rest of the lyrics are gibberish anyway, but they could be adjusted accordingly. This could be a nice source of revenue, and the proceeds would go to the DA general fund. A drop in the bucket. It would also be a good PR and recruitment tool, unless they follow an MP or quartermaster unit.

The Mythbusters People are Incompetent,

but since they don't do anything politically related, I will kick CBS while they're down.

Maybe it's an affiliate of CBS. Maybe Not. Maybe I should use longer sentences, thus increasing the reading level of the posts that I make to this otherwise infantile blog; I've noticed, though, that doing this often prompts others to go to Dictionary.com for some unfathomable reason.

Cold Case. Allow me to paraphrase a few lines of dialogue that I heard today on this generic crime drama that explicate my not owning a TV.

Some cop: So and so is gay! *picks nose*
Other cop: And he's Chief of Staff for Councilman Bob. That guy's to the right of Attila the Hun.
Notice that 1) Attila the Hun is right-wing, presumably because he's a bloodthirsty, pillaging murderer, and that's obviously the constituency of the Right Wing.
2) Bob is an extreme right winger. All right wingers are extremists, as we've seen.
3) It's ironic, because right wing politicians are all gay-bashing bigots (especially the gay ones, or those with gay family members). The fact that Bob puts a lot of trust in this high-ranking gay dude is just ironic, not indicative of the fact that Bob is tolerant.
Third cop: Oh my God! That's Whatsername's fiancee/husband!
Yeah! And that's bad, because homosexuality is an abomination! Wait a second, weren't we just castigating the GOP for being intolerant of gays? Well, it's different if one of our friends is actually going to MARRY a bisexual! EWWWWWW!!! EWWWWW!!!

I was thinking of getting a 55" screen for my computer and switching to cable internet, but..... that would only tempt me to watch TV at home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Underwear Is Unconstitutional

I don't mean to piss you off with things I might say
But when I try to shut my mouth they come out anyway
If you spoke your mind you might feel more connected
Until you get politically corrected

You lean a little to the left or the right but
You can only see what's on your side.
Look a little like a deer in the headlights
A little blind a little hypnotized.
So you conform with the best of intention
Change comes from inside.
After all that's what this country was founded on;
Do nothing different just fall in line. - Politically Correct, by SR-71

To return to the more salient point I raised in the heading for this post, the US Constitution does not mention Ralph Lauren anywhere; thus, my underwear is unconstitutional.

People like to screw around with the meanings of words, but that is because they are fools with the mental capacity to play word games and the lack of sufficient wisdom to restrain themselves.

The Adventures of Johnny American - Saison Finale

The world of tomorrow is a world of freedom, and of consequences... A world of storied history and sketchy story lines... Men are free to decide their own destinies, but few are free from the destinies they choose. Into this world of the year 2000 is thrust a young man whose destiny was set, not by the rumblings of a machine, but by the turning of the stars... These are the Adventures of Johnny American.

Last time, Johnny woke from a rocket-induced slumber to find that he had been betrayed by the communist sympathizer PFC Dean. He quickly sent Eliza Jane and her fetus to Suburbia, then led his platoon to the far left of the battle zone. While the rest of King Wilmagne's army assaults the forward position from the rear, Johnny American and the tattered remnants of his command must find their way to the top of the position and defeat... Number One.

Corporal Montague: Yes.
Johnny: But really, try to survive until we get Number One.
(Sounds of crawling. Sounds of barbed wire. Distant gunfire slowly crescendoes. Sounds of lasers.)
PFC Lucky (whispering): Sergeant, I have a question.
Sergeant Entity (whispering): What is it?
PFC Lucky (still whispering): If lasers are intense beams of electromagnetic radiation, and they are produced by solid state electronics, what makes that laser noise?
(Sounds of crawling. Sounds of barbed wire. Distant gunfire slowly crescendoes.)
Corporal Arnold: Here it is.
(Snipping noises)
Sergeant Entity: Wait here as long as possible, and have your element take out any patrols. Through the fence, men.
(Many feet running in dirt. Doors battered open. Running in halls. Gunfire erupts)
PFC Fermi: The HQ is to the right!
(chink kachink BOOOOOM!)
Johnny: head right!
(thwok BOOM thwok BOOM)
(running, gunfire, doors battered open)
(doors slammed closed, white noise decrescendoes)
(thtink, thtink, thtink, thud thud thud)
(Hisssssclang. Silence, except for the heavy breathing of the platoon)
Number One (in a raspy, mechanical voice) : As you can see, I have been expecting you.
Johnny: I don't see. I think you're bluffing.
Number One: But I had the doors seal behind you! I stepped out of the shadows and into this beam of light!
Johnny: You got lucky.
Number One: Regardless, you are still alive. That should tell you something.
Johnny: You're unarmed?
(raspy, mechanical laughter)
Number One: No. I have not yet finished with you. You see, Johnny, you and your men think you know what you are fighting for.
Johnny: Money.
Number One: Capitalism. You are being "paid" by the Capitalists to fight their illegal war.
Johnny: Indirectly, yes... But it's for the money, and vengeance. You almost killed my life partner and our fetus.
Number One: Do you see how they have indoctrinated you? You say that you fight for money, not capitalism. But, what is capitalism if not the exchange of money for value received? You are slaves, slaves to the need to constantly earn money to provide for yourselves. If you do not do what the capitalists command you to do, you will die.
Johnny: Yeah?
Number One: Yes. You there, with the squinty eyes. Do you want to be here?
PFC Lucky: No, you're scary, and I have a family I want to see.
Johnny: Quiet!
Number One: You, Sergeant, do you enjoy serving under this incompetent boob?
Johnny: Ha! Boob!
Number One: Case in point.
Sergeant Entity: Well, yes. Sir Johnny may not be the brightest crayon in the tool shed, but... there's something about him.
Number One: Watch, Johnny, as your sycophants are destroyed before you.
Johnny: NO! I want to have more babies!
Number One: What in the - Time to die, Sergeant.
PFC Lucky : Nooooooo!
(a thunderous gunshot)
Sergeant Entity: LUCKY! Why?
Johnny: Open fire!
(volley of automatic fire and ricochets. gradual decrescendo, to raspy metallic laughter.)
Number One: Fool. I cannot be destroyed by small bore automatic rifles. Do you think your coming was not foreseen? Think back, Johnny American. Where were you when this began? We watched you at the sock hop, as you ran over our operatives. We examined you at the university, when you were a mere supplicant for a custodial job. That female escaped the good doctors at the clinic, but we arranged the accident that led you to us. And then... you played into our hands. You started the war that has killed so many of your comrades. Their blood... stains your hands.
Johnny: No! I did what I had to! It was your spin that started this war!
Number One: You cannot deny the power of the left side, Johnny. Your blood... Is as red as mine.
Johnny: What- what do you mean?
(flashback sound distortion begins)
Johnny (echoing): My pop was a communist.
Johnny (echoing): Hmm. Well, my pop was a communist. I'd like to ask his advice, but he never came home last time he voted.
Peter American (echoing) : Communist imperialism, please.
Vote-a-tron (echoing) : You have chosen communism. Is this correct?
Peter American (echoing): Yes.
Vote-a-tron (echoing): One moment.
(pause, which would echo were that possible)
Vote-a-tron (echoing): Your occupation (click) political science professor (click) is obsolete. Communism is the pinnacle of political science. Please hold until a customer service agent can assist you.
(doors battered open, cracks, thuds, screams.)
(end of flashback sound distortion)
Number One: Johnny... I am your father.
Johnny: No. No. It can't be. My father was liquidated... liquidated by the...
Number One: Who can communists trust more than a political scientist? Johnny, I am your father. Join me, and together we shall finally defeat the capitalist pigs.
Johnny: I could never join you! You- you tried to kill Eliza Jane!
Number One: What has she ever done but question you at every turn? What has she done but corrupt you with her progressive social policies? Hasn't she called you a literalist, a chauvenist despite all attempts to correct her spelling, and an idiot?
Johnny: I don't think she ever called me an idiot...
Number One: But you can't be sure, and her failure to distance herself from those who did promptly enough de facto if not de jure made her one of them, Johnny.
Johnny: The spin- it's too much-
Number One: Her utopian social equality is a farcical bone to special interest lobbies compared to the legally and vehemently enforced economic equality of the People's Republic! In our world, there will be no need for vengeance, because there will be no bourgeoisie-created social constructs like marriage to trap you into the capitalist paradigm.
(moans of agony from the soldiers)
Johnny: Can't- believe- spin-
Number One: There will be no painful car wrecks caused by private vehicles! There will be no rockets in your apartment, because there will be perfect gun control! There will be no draft, because there will be no war in a one-world government by the People!
Johnny: So- contradictory-
Voice of Route 71 Manager: Johnny, you must fight the spin. Use the force of rational debate.
Johnny: Why is a disembodied voice telling me to be rational? Wait- no- it's right!
Number One: Without monetary exchange, there will be no rich and no poor!
Johnny: Yes there will! A finite number of resources won't become infinite just because they are controlled and distributed by the government! Those like you will be the rich, and the poor will be poor, and economic mobility will end because the caste system will be enforced by superior firepower!
Number One: The resources wasted by capitalist competition will be used to feed and clothe the proletariat!
Johnny: The resouces are overhead, used to generate information and cause the market to behave more rationally, thus increasing efficiency and therefore economic output in the long term!
Number One: You cannot debate me! Your IQ is barely above room temperature! There are allegations that you may have been misleading in statements referring to events caused by a debunked ethical scandal! You- You- The communist model is fair to everyone!
Johnny: Fair is a moral relative, and beyond that, there is not a coherent communist system that has ever succeeded! The Manifesto was a mere outline of larger principles and goals, and has since never been refined and tested! The People's Republic, and Josef's hospital as a microcosm of it, are proof that communism has failed!
(ptink, ptink, rumble, EXPLOSION BOOOM LOUDEST ONE YET!!!!!)
(flying shrapnel, falling debris, gunfire, crashing walls, barking dogs, jets, tanks, and the crackle of electricity)
PFC Montague: This whole place is coming apart!
Johnny: Out! Out!
Johnny: Arnold! What are you doing?
Corporal Arnold: What does it look like we're doing?
Johnny: It looks like you've secretly joined the PR!
Corporal Arnold: We've secretly joined the PR!
Corporal Arnold: Aw, man. Anyway, capturing you will make me a more important man than serving Wilmagne could ever have done. I'll be a Politico in the PR Ministry of Peace, and you- you'll be a fathom under.
Johnny: Benedict, why?
Corporal Arnold: I just explained why. Now, come with me.
Johnny: Maybe if I use the force of rational debate...
Corporal Arnold: Your mind tricks won't work on me.
Johnny: On the other hand, you're not covered with plate steel like Number One is. Open Fire! (roar of automatic gunfire. thwok thwok BOOM BOOM tink BOOM)
Johnny: Run for the woodline!
(running, gunfire, sounds of battle decrescendo)
Johnny: Ace?
Corporal Ace: Twenty magazines, nine RPGs, three frags, seventeen dead, 9 rifles, two launchers, one auto, one sidearm.
Johnny: We're going home.
(transition theme)
(Sound of birds and gentle breeze. knocking. A door opens)
Johnny: Hello Mr. Borden. Is Eliza Jane here?
Mr. Borden: Who the hell are you?
Johnny: Haha, that's a good one, sir. You know I got her pregnant and we're living together. I sent her here because I almost got her hit by a missile.
(sound of someone getting punched in the face, hard)
Johnny: I guess I deserved that.
(footsteps w/ echo, a record is playing swing music)
Johnny: Eliza?
Mr. Borden: We got your message... but Eliza Jane never came.

Johnny American, a real "American" hero! Johnny has defeated the slippery and disgusting Number One, overcome his obliviousness, completed his mission, and saved the day!

But... what happened to Eliza Jane? Join us next season, as we follow the exciting Adventures of Johnny American!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Filibuster, huh. yeehaw.

I'm surprised that there is so much effort expended demogoguing the nuclear judge parliamentiary [sic] procedure issue. It's just plain boring. I want judges appointed who follow a logical process of law, as opposed to making the outcome fit their conscience and pass the global test.

I also want free doughnuts to rain from the sky and into small porcelain bowls of gooey hot fudge.

The point is, it's political BS, and the people injecting morality into the debate or claiming a legitimate use for the filibuster are deluding themselves. People claiming a legitimate use for the Senate are a little naive.

The constitution says the senate has powers to advise and consent. The inevitable result is that the Senate will find a way to politicize the judicial selection process. If anything, it should have gotten to this point sooner.

Really, democratic wrangling over judges is probably better, in the long run, than leaving the process to the arbitrary judgement of one man, even if he is the president.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Clever post-modern phrase goes here

Yeah, I'm against illegal immigration, if for no other reason than that allowing a law to be broken with impunity undermines the rule of law itself. On the flip side, unjust laws are made to be broken and the whole concept of territorial sovereignty is a bit suspect. If I own a ranch on the US side of the border, how can the government tell me who I may allow on my property?

Since we're not going to usher in a utopian New World Order soon, I think I'll stick to opposing illegal immigration. An extreme, effective posture would be to put up a few thousand miles of razor wire, dredge the Rio Grande, and make it a misdemeanor to kill illegals.

Whatever; if you want to read about how horrible illiterate day laborers and flea-ridden terrorists are, google for "Michelle Malkin," "immigration," and/or "border crickets." My concern is with the next step toward controlling our borders, adjusting legal immigration rules.

Cheap labor is good for the economy. The ideal end result is that all current American citizens become upper level managers with palatial residences, while the work force is made up of foreigners who toil in sweatshops. The problem is that, over the course of a generation, this mudsill of labor will become citizens, thus leaving us where we started, albeit with a larger and more tanned population.

So we need to enlarge the supply of temporary work visas like H1-Bs. Is that right? No time to fact check, I'm only an ignorant blogger. If the strategy above were followed, we would need a class of work visas that were limited in duration but not restricted to a particular job, although we could limit the top wage payable to the immigrant or somesuch. After five years, we would send the workers packing with their savings and fond memories of the city on the hill, as well as a greater understanding of and appreciation for American culture, freedom, democracy, and consumer goods. We would thus impose American cultural hegemony on the rest of the world by indocrinating class after class of their workers. We would have cheap labor and the ability to compete in perpetuity with Asia, and the only people to complain would be those who do not understand economics and think we are screwing the migrants.

In the short term, we should require all applicants for visas to apply from within their country of origin. We should not run amnesty programs to encourage criminals to rush our borders.

Seriously, although I rarely (never) write about immigration here, I have spent some time studying it. Challenges to my smug self-assurance are welcome.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This post will self destruct

and be replaced by one on immigration. Until then,

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
The interrupting cow.
The interrupting c-

[UPDATE: boom.]

Guess Who's Back- Back Again-

Shady's back; Tell a friend. - Marshall Mathers

No, I'm not dead as such, but rather coming off a long trip. Cross country, that is to say, not within the bowels of my own mind. And now a bowel movement:

Many breakthroughs come from comparing analogous situations and finding the points where they do not match; changing one so that it matches the other can be fun and profitable. Maxwell, of thermodiabolical fame, did this with oh, Ampere's law and the one... uh, the other one, with magnetic waves. Beautiful. Others have done the same thing by sticking clocks into otherwise tacky household objects. Still others have found that the situations cannot be made analogous, but that the cause of the difference is itself a useful property.

Many disparate situations, such as business models, conversations, security systems, and sonnets (to illustrate the potential breadth of the disparity), are all composed of variables that are related to each other in the same ways.

I know that a leaf cannot last as long as the tree, and must be replaced. This information is mildly useful. I know that the same is true of human hair. This might be good to know. These are two facts which might or might not come in handy.

If we abstract ourselves a level, we can say that some biological systems must be replaced during the lifetime of the organism. This is a generally useful principle, much more so than than the observation of toenails being replaced over time.

We can then apply this principle to the belt running a water pump in a Bel Air, and here, with little prior automotive knowledge, we can know that the car can be fixed. We may even be able to fix it, when we see the belt stuck to the carburator, shredded and smoldering.

We can hire a new CEO when the founder dies, allowing the company to live on.

These are not particularly brilliant insights, but examples. Perhaps this whole operation is familiar to you. The abstraction can be made again, then. Eventually, we reach a point of empty spaces connected by invisible wires, and any problem can be resolved to fit the pattern. Then we see which space is unfilled, fill it, and the problem is solved.

Or you can shoot first and ask questions later. Whatever.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm going through Taxes on Monday on the way to Losianna

Turns out a lot of right wingnuts don't understand proper tax policy. Sure, we all scream for tax cuts in unison and occasionally get them, but- and this is hilarious- some Conservatives think that we are trying to spur economic growth.

Without the income from taxes, the federal government would be unable to function. That's why we want to cut taxes.

Taxation is stealing, and strictly following that extreme interpretation of Judeo-Christian values is what leads us to cut taxes.

Economic growth is a close third, but here's a somewhat-known fact and its lesser-known complement:

Susidize something and there will be more of it. (Poor people, bureaucracy, wheat)

Tax something and there will be less of it. (Income, sales, profits)

This second principle needs to be taken into account when we blindly parrot the party line on tax reform next year. I would prefer to tax consumer goods, because most consumer goods are chinese-made junk we don't really need anyway. There are, unfortunately, other principles that must be considered, which is why no one ever says, "I want to be an economist when I grow up."

This is your brain ---> [:)
This is your brain on economics --> }8 0....

Taxation is stealing, but selling services is good. Gas taxes for roads, property taxes for the fire department, income taxes for the military? I don't know, but whenever possible the cost of a government program must be passed on to those who benefit. This ensures that programs are cost effective, and if they're not, well, stop using them.

People suck. This means any tax must innately resist tax evasion. Income tax does this because the employer and the employee must both report wages. There's still cheating, but.. some is inevitable.

Sand is in the eye of the beholder

Huzzah for this lady. It reminds me of what women really want in a man, namely,
*Fast car

And welcome, IMAO reader. The funniness starts about 3 posts back that way.

This is, too.

I constantly hear people complaining about propaganda. "The Bush administration has been spewing the same propaganda since 9/11, wah wah." "Senator Reid is parroting communist propaganda. Wah."

All communication is propaganda. Even the truth is told solely to benefit the teller and influence the listener in some way. My posting is propaganda, in that I can better reshape society from this digital soapbox than I can from the real one in my garage.

(I have neither a garage nor a soapbox. Actually, I have a soapbox but it only holds one bar of soap... Anyway,)

It has occured to me that people try to determine what is propaganda because they think that some things aren't... This is a major misperception. Hm. I'll have to get the word out.

Notice that my getting the word out will also be propaganda, intended to reshape society. Luckily for you, my goals coincide with those of society for the moment.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Men For Gender Equality

Another effeminist viewpoint here at evilpundit. Social equality is dandy, but legal equality is the necessary precursor.

Marathon Blogging Continues

From Wittingshire-

Who are your arch-enemies? The Worm Men, the
Leech Man, and the Poodle Man. And did you hear that I said Worm MEN? There are several of them.

Did you say Poodle Man? Yes. Poodle Man is very, very dangerous. He pretends to like poor people, but then he kills them. He says he's putting them out of their misery, but really he does it because he enjoys it. He doesn't kill rich people, because they could get back at him.

So... This kid's arch enemy is Glenn Reynolds? The puppy blender himself? Ok, that's enough google-bombing and IMAO-kissing for today. Poodle Man. Hahaha.

I think therefore I am, which just makes your existence that much more puzzling.

I would believe in solipsism if there were more evidence.

Am I a blogger writing idiocy, or an idiot writing a blog?

Nietzche can, but Immanuel Kant.

The world is round and flat, like a pancake.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How about a 300 sq. ft. stage? Should I go with techno or Broadway style musicals?

Aquinas my friend
don't start away uneasy
you poor old sod, you see, it's only me.
Do you still remember
December's foggy freeze
when the ice that
clings on to your beard is
screaming agony?

If paradoxes are cannot logically exist, how can we think of them? We may not always follow logical reasoning, but the universe is logical- yet it is able to produce an idea that goes against the fabric of the universe itself.

To paraphrase Aquinas, what caused cause and effect?

Dodecahedrons are stupid. Heil Buckminsterfullerene.

Why is gravity always keeping me down?

I have an iron will and a magnetic personality.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? According to NOW, the chicken always comes first.

Why did the chicken cross the road? It's a chicken. It has no brain. Why do you care? Why can only exist when consciousness exists, although primitive tropisms may have played a role from a purely literal perspective. I should note that I care little for the purely literal perspective. Watch less TV and grow an imagination. Geeze. And I don't mean watch Star Trek. You illiterate swine. Go to the next paragraph, please.

"The paroled murderer" is a sentence fragment.

Cross-dressers, by claiming to dress "as women" or "as men," perpetuate arbitrary and possibly harmful stereotypes of how the genders should dress. Shame on them for not being socially progressive.

[UPDATE: Christianity has just been empirically proven by archaeologists. They found Jesus' actual bones! Woo-hoo! Just kidding.]

That's right, I have nothing of importance to say.

Jess of displacethoughts changed her colour scheme! Why! Why! Why!

And this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Ooh. La. La. Imagine that tranny on a diesel.

Or, better yet, imagine a diesel-electric with HCCI.

Sadly, the day of the mechanical transmission is passing away in favor of electrical power transmission. It's cheaper, easier, and more efficient, assuming that the generator is good. Changing power ratios may be difficult without the minimum of a gearbox, but a planetary gear or two on the differential (or output shaft of a direct drive motor!) will solve that. I don't think electrical control of N/m is that difficult, anyway.

Of course, there's the software controlling the motors. Beware the blue screen of death.

For a more coherent post, look in the archives.

Study of Bugs?

The fact that we live in a semi-capitalist country has really coloured our etymology. Just look at the way we describe other governments: Socialist. Communist. Kleptocracy. Social Democracy. European *snicker* Union.

See? Always in terms of economic system. Sure, we say democracy or confederation on occasion, but when you think of the Swiss...

No, I am certainly not an English spy. I am a Texan. I would like to tell our Anglo friends something, however. GET OUT OF THE EU WHILE YOU STILL CAN IT WILL DESTROY YOU AHHHHHH!!!!!

Kleptocracy is just another word for 'Government,' but the perjorative connotations imply that capitalism is still 'with it.' Indeed, Western culture is now manufactured on a soundstage in North Hollywood.

Return of Me

Posting will be spotty this weekend, as 'twas last night, so I will now marathon post on everything. First,

"The new Star Wars suck. wah wah. Lucas needs to do good like in the originals. wah."

No, see, episodes IV-VI also sucked, it's just that they were well-made compared with the restof the 1970's. Carrie Fisher wasn't hot in Return of the Jedi, C3P0 was as annoying as Jar-Jar, Mark Hamillll isn't a great actor, the dialogue didn't help, the special effects were pointless and not necessary to the plot at many times, the battles were... not realistic, the Ewoks- don't get me started on the Ewoks. Star Wars was designed for kids. In the 70's.

I do like the originals. They're entertaining, the music is excellent, The Force and light sabers and whatnot were fairly original. They were not, however, masterful works of art. The people dissing I and II need to chizzle, fo rizzle.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Click the link

Gotta love nationalised health care. Link via morose Michelle Malkin

In a captalist system, they like to run as many tests as possible. Got a lump? Get a mammogram.

In a socialist system, you get results like the dead capitalist lady. She waited nine months for tests because the doctors said she was young and it was probably nothing. It could've happened here, too, and of course breast cancer isn't 100% curable. Far from it. Nine months might've made the difference.

The Adventures of Jonny American... Johnny Come Lately

The world of tomorrow is a world of freedom, and of consequences... A world of storied history and sketchy story lines... Men are free to decide their own destinies, but few are free from the destinies they choose. Into this world of the year 2000 is thrust a young man whose destiny was set, not by the rumblings of a machine, but by the turning of the stars... These are the Adventures of Johnny American.

Last time, Johnny was home on leave- er, lunch- discussing relocating his wife and unborn fetus farther from the warzone. Suddenly, and without warning, his apartment was struck by a small missile. This doesn't bode well for Johnny American and Eliza Jane!

(howling wind, the clatter of gravel)
Eliza: Ooohhh... Johnny...
Eliza: My... my fetus. (cough)
(sirens in distance)
(sound of large stone on stone)
Johnny: Eliza! Fetus!
Eliza: Johnny!
Fetus: gurgle gurgle!
(rocks fall. shuffling footsteps)
Johnny: here-
Eliza: Ow-
(more rocks fall)
(sirens stop, cardoor opens)
Cop: What's going on here?
Johnny: We've got to create a perimeter. The danger might not be over.
Cop: Maybe you do. I have to ticket you for excessive noise.
Johnny: What? Our apartment was just hit by a missile!
Cop: Exactly. You're lucky none of your neighbors belong to the Townsburg Municipal government, or you'd be up on murder charges.
(loud smack and a thud)
Johnny: The People's Republic must be behind this. Eliza Jane, I want you to go to Suburbia and stay with your parents.
Eliza: I don't have a lot of choice, Johnny.
Johnny: Of course not, you're a woma- I mean, if you have a better idea, tell me.
Eliza: No, no, my parents are fine.
Johnny: Taxi!
(brief pause)
(car stops)
Taxi Driver #435: Yeah. Wheretobub. Gottaget- Is that a dead cop?
Johnny: No.
(car door opens and closes)
Eliza: I'm going to Suburbia.
Taxidriver #435: Gotitwheretoin...
(car drives away)
Johnny: That was surprisingly easy. Now, if I can just
Johnny: Darn it all!
(running, automatic gunfire. Single shots, closer. automatic gunfire. richochets. single shots.)
Johnny: Howie? Howie, why?
PFC Dean: King Wilmagnechimphitler must (cough) die...
Johnny: He was a traitor all along. And I never even questioned his patriotism.
Corporal Entity: He was a mercenary, Sir.
Johnny: Corporal, what are you doing here?
Corporal Entity: When we found out Dean was missing, we started a search. As soon as lunch was over. We saw that he was following your trail, and after we saw the trail of little old ladies and mangled kittens, we knew he was a traitor.
Johnny: Before, I was fighting because someone made a clerical error and got us involved in an ideological war between the PR and the capitalists. Now- I'm fighting because they almost got Eliza. This means war.
Corporal Entity: It was already a war, Sir.
Johnny: Yes. Well, our mission is to scout the PR's position.
Corporal Entity: It's pretty far to the left.
Johnny: Yes. But what- hey, what happened to Sergeant Macon?
Corporal Entity: Don't ask, don't tell.
Johnny: Really? Wow. I though he was just a flambuoyant tactician. You're promoted then.
Corporal Entity: Thank you, Sir.
Johnny: That means as of now.
Sergeant Entity: Oh.
Johnny: We won't just be scouting the position. We'll be taking it out.
(cheering from the platoon)
Johnny: What the heck? Sergeant, get them marching and let me know what heavy ordinance we have. If Number One thinks I'm dead, well... He's going to be very surprised.

(full transition theme)
Hey, kids, remember me? This is Captain Midnight, your favorite flying Ace. I'm here to remind you to eat a good breakfast, so you can help fight the commies, jerries, hajjis, and possibly nips if they ever invent SDI. And a good breakfast includes a glass of rich, chocolatey Ovaltine! Ovaltine is jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, and anabolic steroids that will make you big and strong, just like me. Captain Midnight. I've got to get back to the mission now- so so long!

(full transition theme)
Sergeant Entity: Halt. Left face. Fall out around me. Just over that ridge is the forward encampment of the People's Republic on this front, and we know that Number One is in there. Without Number One, the PR's entire front will be stalled, and we will be able to mount a counteroffensive. At that point, King Wilmagne gets paid and we go home, unless the capitalists want our help again. Now, the rest of the company will circling around to assault the rear, but we don't expect Number One to be in the rear. It's not his style. We will most likely confront him ourselves. This should be simple, but there will be machine guns, lasers, and a few tanks and helicopters. The middle ground between the capitalists and the PR is always pretty crooked, as you've seen. There should be cover, and since the capitalist base knows where we are, there will not be fire from both sides. Sir?
Johnny: That's about it. Today, I want you all to remember your training- Oh, right. Remember why you're out there fighting. Contractual obligation. And I'm fighting for vengeance and gold.
Sergeant Entity: Move out.

Will this daring raid on the enemy stronghold succeed? Will Eliza Jane make it safely to suburbia? Have we really seen the last of PFC Dean? These questions, and more, will be answered in the next exciting episode of The Adventures of Johnny American.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Michael Reynolds has a possible answer to the great question that has gnawed at my soul for my entire adult lifetime:

What does GOP stand for?

He says "God's Only Party," which, sadly, seems possible. I thought Grande Olde Partie might be it, or perhaps some sort of Spec Ops.
I've added him to my highly selective blogroll- highly selective except for the inclusion of Josh Marshall, that is. I used to read Reynolds' blog at Ram/counterpunch. It's still up, with a hilarious play-by-play of the 04 elections archived. You can actually pinpoint the moment when his heart breaks.

The dissident frogman is still AWOL, though. Make sure you check out quotalocaciousnessitocity or whatever it's called. Good stuff.

<--Blogroll that way.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My Kind of People

Hamas is shaping up to be the GOP's ideological ally in a decade or so. From an AP article I can only, grudgingly, link to at AOL:

"We are not Iran or the Taliban," a Hamas leader said as the militant group won election in this Palestinian town closest to Israel.

This may be merely an attempt to downplay their extremism, but plenty of people like the Taliban and Iran. The fact that Hamas sees a need to distance itself indicates they are not as theologically strict as those near-totalitarian governments.

...celebrating leaders like Mohammed Ghazal pledged not to impose their strict religious views on the communities they now rule. "We believe that personal freedom is one of the foundations of Islam," he said.

So they're Libertarians. I'm as surprised as you are.

Hamas supporters took to the streets here and in Gaza, shooting off fireworks, handing out candy and honking car horns.

Red State to the core.

...the political gains Hamas made in local elections across the Palestinian territories at the expense of the corruption-tainted ruling Fatah movement.

So they ran on a platform of government reform. Nice.

Leaders of Hamas... [said] the group will focus on providing better municipal services.

Good for them. People with city services and dentists don't embrace terrorism as much.

In Qalqiliya, a town of 45,000 where Hamas swept all 15 seats in the local council, the outgoing Fatah-appointed mayor, Marouf Zahran, said his party deserved to lose because "it did not treat the people right."

OK, now they have honest politicians. Once the garbage trucks start rolling, Palestine will be a better place to live than the US. This is disturbing.

Hamas opposes the existence of the Jewish state and its members have staged dozens of suicide bombings, shellings and shooting attacks on Israel in recent years.

I assume that means they are pro-military and pro-gun rights. The wanton murder will have to end, though.

Qalqiliya is particularly sensitive because of its nearness to the Israeli town of Kfar Saba.

Sensitivity! Even the Left will like Palestine. Oh, wait, they already do. Hmm. As we all know, the moment Hamas stops killing innocent people, the US Democrats will denounce them as right-wing religious extremists.

Fatah demanded a recount in Rafah and Bureij, but did not explain why it suspected irregularities there.

Yeah, Hamas will side with the GOP all right.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Quantum Deist

I suppose I'm somewhat of a deist, in that I'm skeptical about miracles. I share their view of God as an engineer, who designed the world and lets it run its course.

After all, why create the laws of physics only to break them all the time? Not that I claim to understand God, but if God wanted to make spectacular miracles all the time, he would. I don't see any.

The interesting thing about quantum mechanics is that it opens up the possibility of what we would consider miracles without the muss and fuss of violating physics. In principle, there is no reason why the oceans couldn't turn to blood- it is just extremely unlikely.

There are often events on the quantum scale where two things can happen, like flipping a coin. Heads or tails? Supposedly, both heads and tales exist until the actual state is observed. Then, the quantum state decomposes into a real one. The coin is either heads or tales, not both.

Who decides which? I know of no theory- and I am obviously not a theoretical physicist- that explains chance. I'll ignore parallel universes, because that is just a logical circle.

When a coin comes down one way, it is because of wind, density, kinetic energy, and other factors. It's not really random, except that we can't usually predict the result. On the quantum level, events are truly random. Something causes the quantum state to become a "real" state.

Human consciousness? That would imply that there was no quantum decoherence before humans evolved. Could evolution have occured under such conditions?

So I kinda think it's God.

"God does not play dice with the universe." -- Albert Einstein.

Exactly. How can you oppose God when every chance event is under his control?

For some highly technical rhyming, click here.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dystopia of the Day

It seems like the Christian ideal of marriage before sex is not quite being met by a small number of Americans. I can say that because 99% is a small number. 10^438 is a big number.

By the time most Americans start college, they are already past their mental peak.

The number of workers per retiree is declining.

Teenagers run amok, accomplishing nothing.

What is to be done? Well, first we phase out the socialist education system, in favor of a private system or an authoritarian communist system. Either would be better.

So here's what I would like to add to the school system to improve learning and society in general:

1) Shock collars. Nothing teaches faster than shock collars. Discipline would go way up, as would concentration and memory.

2) 9 hour school days. Hour long lunch. That still leaves time for TV and breaking stuff.

3) Year round schooling. Summer break is horrible for many reasons.

The advantage to all of this so far is that high school could be completed around age 12. There would be no need for pregnant teens to drop out. Grad students could be in their mental prime. 6 years would be added to everyone's life. GNP would increase dramatically.

All the hard work and suffering would increase the maturity and self discipline of the population, thus enabling them to marry at a historically normal age, 16 or 18. They would be self-supporting by this time. This is great, because they get to enjoy their years of highest libido.

Shock collars are fun by themselves.
Miss Jones: Johnny, spell "Chauvenist."
Johnny: C H A U V I ahhhhhh! My pacemaker!
(the class giggles)

I suppose it would increase our supply of soldiers as well, as youthful productive years are increased. There's the added bonus that the entire population would be inured to stress, pain, and exhaustion, so the quality of draftees would increase.

Vote for draconian Hard Times-like childhoods. Support Prop 420! w00t!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wow, she's hot

Sorry, I'm blogging in public.

Yeah, so I have a couple of posts in the pipeline, and this one is a follow-up to my rushed Wow, she's hot too. Maybe I should- no, no. Must post on the vacuity of teenagers.

I don't think they are irresponsible and useless because of human nature. I think they are irresponsible and useless because we allow them to be. I suppose you could reduce the change in youth attitudes over the past 200 years to the shift away from agriculture. 2.5 months a year of screwing around have gradully been phased into American culture, as the planting/harvesting labor has gradually phased out.

Plus other cultural changes. I don't know if there is a prime cause, although the great depression and subsequent, resultant poor training of the baby boomers couldn't have helped.

So we should work toward lowering the age of majority from 18 to some level that reflects reality. If a 15-year old can get pregnant, it's ludicrous for the law to say she can't. Perhaps she shouldn't, but hey, you only live once.

The difficulty with this approach is that our culture doesn't reflect reality either. Teenagers are encouraged to be selfish and carefree, although they have the physical means to, say, kill an adult with their bare hands, or produce a child, or make advances in theoretical mathematics.

There'll be a Dystopic view of an improved education system later.


Ok, I'll be verrrrry busy till Wednesday night, but I thought I'd give you all a piece of divine inspiration that was handed down to me and see if yall kin puzzle it out.

Unfortunately, none of my divine inspiration comes to mind. Most of it helped me personally...

Ah, yes. Why believe in God? Sure, there's the Bible, but you have to admit that most Christians are brainwashed into their religion. As well we should be. What is school but brainwashing? I don't know if any mortal man can grasp the concept of God, yet we are required to accept it. Faith, without perfect reason.

Yet faith is not totally without reason. I think it's unlikely that the Bible could have been written were there no God. Yes, you can point out seeming contradictions, and you can also explain them away. You can argue like that indefinitely, full of noise and fury and signifying nothing. However, there are a few main arguments in favor of the existence of God.

1) He told me he exists. It is counterproductive to believe that you are insane, because no reasoning can follow that assumption. Therefore, I believe what He told me. This is not sufficient evidence for anyone else. I don't think I've ever told an atheist about that incident, but I'm fairly sure they wouldn't believe me.

2) Everything has a cause. The cause is itself the effect of another cause. At some point in the past, there must have been a first cause, which Aquinas called the Prime Mover. There are a few formulations of this logic, but it is simplest to grasp as, What came before the Big Bang? And if you happen to support the oscillating universe theory, what happened before that?

Even if time is circular in the dimension we perceive it, the loop must have come from somewhere. Moving on...

3) Descartes: If there were nothing greater than myself, I should be the greatest thing in creation; since I can imagine something greater than myself, there must be something greater than myself, for if it did not exist then I could not imagine it. This makes more sense from a solipsistic point of view, but it can be simplified.

How did man come up with the idea of God if there were no God? It seems somewhat unlikely, but possible, that this could have happened. I forgot where I was going with that. Hmmm. Think about it, though.

4) Empirical evidence such as the meticulous attention to preventing disease in the Hebrews. Exodus seems to many people to indicate at least a modern understanding of the transmission of disease. There are problems with many such examples of evidence that tries to prove the existence of God. I don't think looking for his footprints is really the best way to go about it.

I may post more on this later. There will certainly be a section on religion in my book, if and when I write the full version. A month from now I should know more about that.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Little Concern

I have previously postulated that Bush plans to create a fiscal crisis and force down spending. There are several factors, exacerbated by his policies, that I have examined.

1) The weak dollar policy decreases demand for our treasury bonds. He claims he has a strong dollar policy, but... no.

2) In 2004, Social Security had a surplus of $137.8 billion, most or all of which was used to buy treasury bonds and thus finance our debt. If Bush succeeds in diverting these funds to the stock market, it will significantly reduce the government's ability to raise funds.

3) Spending money on defense initiatives like a drunken admiral is increasing the government's demand for loans, even while the supply is being reduced.

4) Tax cuts do the same thing.

Here's my concern. The dollar is currently propped up by Asian countries who hold large amounts of dollars. They want to run their economic growth on exports, so they hold onto our currency and prop up its value. The money must eventually be repatriated. When this happens, it will reduce demand for the dollar, causing the dollar to weaken and possibly causing a collapse of the dollar market as China, India et al. rush to sell off their dollars.

A fiscal crisis like the one developing may initiate this crash by weakening the dollar past a critical threshhold. Hopefully, the weakening of the dollar will be balanced by the increasing interest rates paid on treasury bonds, making any selloff unprofitable. However, such an increase in interest rates will also decrease the capital available for our own economic growth as investors shift towards bonds. It will also accelerate the growth of the national debt.

Just a little concern of mine.

[Edit: I was inspired by an article in the latest issue of The New Libertarian addressing Asian support of the dollar, although the issue isn't exactly a new one. You can subscribe at qando.net, that mightiest of all hit-whorers.]