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Monday, February 28, 2005

Quantitative Analysis of Qualitative Data

Does that title make me an oxymoron? By the way, I am going to change the bullets on my ominous soviet post below from cute flowers to something... other than cute flowers.

So there's a Dominoe effect (cheesy terminology, but I'll get to the meat in a moment) taking place in the Middle East, and everyone's frolicing gaily in the streets. That's nice. So here's a summary of the k-rad changes taking place right now:

*Iraq is no longer a brutal dictatorship. Beheadings are steady, but torture and oppression are down.

*Afghanistan is a democracy, and they're diversifying out of opium. Good for them. Opium was made obsolete by ecstasy.

*Egypt can now change presidents once in awhile. More reforms should be forthcoming, if Mubarek is a democratc reformer and the populace is pushing for it, as seems to be the case.

*Arafat's dead, and the Palestinians are actually mad at Hamas for its interfering in the peace process. Palestine may be a real democracy now.

*Lebanon is no longer as occupied, and the government has stepped down in response to demonstrations. Lebanon wasn't exactly known for it's oppression. By the way, it's not anarchy, it seems to be just the ruling coalition has stepped down. Dunno why they call the administration the government, but it implies longevity.

*Syria is not quite as much of a conquerer, but they seem to have a small nuclear program.

*Libya is supposedly disarming. Since it had some of the most advanced WMD programs, this is good. I know it's not strictly in the Middle East, but... oh well.

*Saudi Arabia is allowing local elections. They're fat and happy, but not really bad. They'll keep democratising, but sloooooowly.

Yemen and Oman seem too stable. Iran is going to have another revolution in 3-5 years. Turkey might regress, but I don't see much happening there. I know absolutely nothing about the UAE, but they seem hopeful.

So we have a majority of the states trending in the right direction. Good job, me.

CNN said it, so it must be true

Bush made a stop in Russia, probably because he wants to stock up on diamonds and nuclear scientists before the Iron Curtain falls again. As a result, every major news source did a piece rehashing what we already know:

  • Vlad used to be the head of the Federal Security Service, and was also a high-level KGB guy. If he were a hard-core Soviet, he would've been purged, right?

  • Vlad is shutting down political and media opposition and consolidating his power.

  • Bush promised to promote democracy.

  • Russia has nukes. Lots and lots of nukes. They are a nukyular juggernaut.

Since all of this is old news, there's really no need to cover it, but since there hasn't been a natural disaster or celebrity murder trial for a few weeks, we have to report something. I'm a bit less alarmist over the return of the Soviet Empire, though.

Orson Scott Card's character Ender, in Ender's Game, said that "In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it's impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves."

And the Pokedex said, "Know thyself, know thine opponent, and you hold the key to victory."

Although Vlad the Imputin is not strictly speaking the enemy, after my half-democrated analysis, I find that he is not really a powermonger. As half the MSM noted, Putin really does not believe that freedom and democracy exist. He was raised in the world of Soviet propaganda. His consolidation of power is a natural reflex, and actually, he hasn't done a bad job. Since the flat tax was passed, Russia has had decent economic growth and a decrease in tax evasion, which could trickle up to reduce institutional corruption. With affluence comes leisure time to think, the tendency to disobey authority, and higher IQ due to proper nutrition. Of course those things take decades, and Russia is in good shape compared to the third world anyway. (Isn't the third world Earth though? I'd hate to live in the first word, ie Mercury.)

Well, Vlad and Bush are supposedly friends, although both are fairly good politicians, so it's hard to tell what the truth is. Everybody who knows him says he's a nice guy. Sergey Stepashin said so, so it must be true. (I know if I were a Leftie, I'd be suspicious of the Bush-KGB-Saudi-Moon Lasers for Oil-UK connection.)

I hope, and think that there's a reasonable possibility, that Vlad will see the light and his authoritarian tendencies will be reduced, or perhaps staked through the heart entirely. Since he does seem to be working for the best interest of Russia, and somewhat interested in democracy, things may work out for the best. Am I biased because with understanding comes compassion? Eh. Probably nyet. If he nationalises Oil, then I think we should worry.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


I hate to bump my super-big exciting Psychic Exclusive down, but.... Life goes on.

In this case, it's an old story we've all been ignoring for a week, though Tim Blair and others have mentioned it. It's the fact that UN peacekeepers are murdering, pillaging rapists. That's not the straw that broke the camel's back- it's the I-beam that smashed the camel into camel jelly.

So Kofi is incompetent- so what. The UN leadership is excessively corrupt- I suppose we can reform it, or take the loss, and allow them to disrupt the world for personal profit. The resources are pathetic- UNICEF can barely make it into India (check the date on that link) and we are left holding their coat, as usual. Now that the ground forces have been revealed to be 1) totally useless, by turning a blind eye to smuggling in Iraq, and 2) capital criminals who might be facing death in the US, it's time to consider cutting funding to the UN. Oh, they did admit that their own incompetence has probably armed terrorists with WMD by now.

Perhaps we should allow the UN to just... fade away..

I would support a corrupt and useless UN. I would support a UN with no function other than to abort babies in third world countries and mediate disputes with the Soviet Union. Oh, wait... I would NOT support an organisation whose sole purpose is paying its employess at our expense to oppose our goals and perpetrate human rights abuses.

I'm going to call somebody. My senators are McCain and Kyl, not that I expect a response. Join my poorly-thought-out crusade to harass our government about its UN support.

Senate contact info @ http://senate.gov/
House contact info @ http://house.gov/

Extra! Scientists Crack Libel Code! End of Daze Foretold!

By Scientists, I mean me. By Libel Code, I mean the Whitehouse political play on the SS issue. By mean, I mean Maureen Dowd. No, it won't make sense if you think about it. Just read.

After entering the unconscious mind of Allen Greenspan, I was able to foretell the Bush administration's strategic goals behind Social Security privatisation. What has been keeping me up nights has been how he intends to pull it off.

SS is the biggest issue democrats have, once you ignore all the fake issues. Few Democrats can vote for SS reform and still survive the 2006 elections. Their base would tear them apart in the primaries and fail to turn out in the general election. Most Americans are against SS reform, and they may have a point. Why fix what's only somewhat broken? I, of course, love the idea of keeping the fruits of my labor.

The point is, there are only about 47 votes for reform in the senate, unless Lieberman joins, and a minority of the populace in favor. Whatever grand scheme Bush has cooked up, he can't beat those odds. Why is he committing political suicide, I wondered?

I was also puzzled by his implied offer to raise the payroll tax cap. That would be a huge (subjectively) tax increase, in one of the worst economic groups to to tax. Trading privatisation for a tax increase? The left wing has been pouncing on that offer as the best tat they will get. See talkingpointsmemo.com or almost any left-blog for gory details.

Then I saw it- the perfect QB sneak. Bush will trade private accounts for a payroll cap increase. It will be hailed as a bipartisan compromise- but the president himself won't say much about it. It will be mostly dems singing their own victory. At the last moment, Bush will say that payroll tax increases would hurt the economy, etc., and say that the system can be made solvent by changing the way benefits are increased. He may use the COLA vs. wage indexing argument. (everyone will swallow this).The bill will be rushed through congress (a favorite ploy) before the Dems can find a response for a plan that seems superior to one they already agreed to. It will have at least 50 votes, of course, or the operation will be aborted. A filibuster-proof majority won't be required because the Dems won't have time to come up with a rationale and a plan.

Rather, that is the administration's game plan. It is possible that the proposal is so unpopular that the prez won't be able to scrounge up 50 votes. Although privatisation is facing serious resistance, the public is buying the idea that something needs to be done. The dems will be forced to trade for the payroll tax, then Bush will fake left and dodge right. I think there is a serious chance of success- and remember, it is 'W we're talking about.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Funny Ideas

This post is part II, and part of an ongoing analysis of human nature generally and Left-wing idiocy specifically. Part I is, like, right below it.

We are all products of our environments, to a certain degree. When trying to find the flaws in an idea, I always look at the thought process that formed the idea, and what blank spots and assumptions the though process contains; that thought process is a result of environment. Understand the environment and you can understand the idea. (That's why I'm so cryptic- can't let you steal my thoughts and then tear apart my illogical ranting)

Karl Marx's environment was academia. Like all students, he worked in theory, ignoring little matters like wind resistance and the weak nuclear force. He produced a political system that works in theory.

Marx's biggest supporters are still college professors who cannot separate reality, with its infinite unknown variables, from theory. Working political systems, such as ours, are built on ideals and knowledge of how real people behave. Of course, our constitution was also written by men who gained power by being smart, rather than by having RPG's and uzis- that might have helped a tad.

Empirical data is always good, because a Linear Approximation (like communism) always falls short of a function with spare variables built in (like capitalism). Our country is more like a crudely drawn line graph, but it's still better than the linear regression method of nation building. Whelp, I'm off.

Funny haha, or funny like me?

You know what's funny? In real life I am hilarious. I make girls wet themselves- though it's usually more due to the high-precision driving than the witty repartee. By the way, I'll be looking for another new car soon. Anyway, I was reading the attempts at humor over at IMAO when I realised that I could just do that and become famous- I could have dozens upon several readers, just like Frank J!!!!!! Not that he actually blogs anymore- he's more of a blog poser- or bloser.

This is a post about metaanalysis. See, meta- means affecting something. Metamagic is magic that affects magic- up there, I was metablogging, or blogging about blogging, as a lot of blosers have been doing lately. When I rap at underground parties and sling rock to the kids there, I rap about rapping- metarapping. (That last statement, and the activities in it, are low-tech posing. By the way, this digression is metaanalysis of my own comments.)

So what's the big deal? Well, Meta- is tool used by GT Kids(TM). By GT Kinds(TM), I mean those people who are singled out as kids as Gifted and Talented. They are taught (by normal, non-gifted teachers) that being Gifted and Talented requires 1) cynicism, 2) moral equivalency, and 3) Lots and lots of meta-.

See where I'm going with this? That's why a lot of GT Kids(TM) end up being pseudointellectual post-liberal elitists (say that 3 times). That's why so many academicians are Lefties. That's why left ideologues tend to occupy the upper-middle education spectrum.

Why are GT Kids(TM) taught these things? Well, because that's what the average person thinks intellectualism is. They then teach the intellectual children to have these values, although no person, usually, can comprehend the intellectual level above their own.

I personally don't like to stratify people into Braingroups(TM), because ultimately it is hard work and methodical thought that produces wisdom (useful knowledge). High intelligence speeds up the process bit, but cannot create wisdom unless the process takes place.

That's one facet of my method to analysing public figures. enjoy. discuss. Meet me for dinner, if you're ever in Tempe.

Mubareck, Where Art Thou

So the Pharoah is instituting a theoretical reform, and allowing other candidates to run for the presidency of Egypt. Good for him, but- why?

First, we have to stereotype Egypt. They aren't really a bad country, they just have bad influences. They're not so much evil, as they are part of the Axis of Mishief with Libya, Cuba, and Quebec.

Still, this isn't a benevolent gesture on the part of a dictator ready to retire to the Hamptons. Egypt was not on the brink of revolution, nor was it on the USGOV hit list. Still, there is a wave of democratic reform sweeping the Middle East, and a faux reform may ease unrest. Mubarek is now being called the "mentor of freedom and democracy" by his subj- peon- uh, the citizenry. His popularity will now ensure that he will win the elections, thus making the reform meaningless for 6 or 12 years. There are other protections for the incumbent, as well, so Mubarek won't lose his job.

The Pharaoh loses nothing, and gains some popularity, and makes the world a better place. It's not a well-thought-out plan, but a decision based on marginal gain. Granted, he might still nuke Israel into glass if he had the opportunity, but it's an improvement. This reform maintains the momentum of the democratisation Over There,so who knows- today's announcement may be the tipping point where the balance is shifted to worldpeace(TM).

Or Bin Laden may seize the opportunity to mobilise his agents in Cairo, unify the ME under a new Caliphate, and eventually conquer the planet and slaughter our children. That's a tad less likely.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Editor's Note

If my links seem bizarre and arbitrary, well, they're not- they're only bizarre. I'll point out important ones.

I'll be on this campaign like white on Rice

Just thought I'd add my support for Condi's presidential campaign in 2008. If she doesn't want to run, I'm considering organising a "tearful begging campaign." The thing is, accusing McCain of having an illegitimate black baby will be incredibly ineffective as a primary stunt. We'll have to think of some other way to slander the moderates and tear down their good names.

We'll also need to carefully remove all comparisons between Kerry and a horse from the Right Blogosphere, just in case Condi ever smiles. We don't want to be accused of hypocrisy.

Seriously, other than her being a NeoCon like me, and a member of Bush's Posse, she has the whole character thing. She's better than any politician, in that she barely knows how to sell out. Also, her background is more academic, and she cares more about solving problems than, say, the lifetime pension or the fame and glory.

It would be like electing an engineer, except Condi has social skills, leadership abilities, and charisma.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It was a bit bland, though

Talking about my pork. I see that 60 Californian politicians have managed to come up with the idea of asking the USGOV to cover the cost of incarcerating illegals. That's why they get paid the big money.

That, or becaues they write their own paychecks.

I Oppose Gay Marriage For Myself, Definitely

But in general... Married couples get rights that gays currently cannot. This is discrimination. Discrimination is good for cheeses, but not here. Join the movement to get the government out of marriage. It's been endorsed by people you've never heard of, like Michael Kinsley and myself.

Get on the bandwagon today!

But honestly, why would a homosexual want to take part in a religious ritual like that? My sister is queer as a three dollar bill, and she doesn't feel the need to get married. She just has a dedicated, albeit immoral, relationship with the best cook in the world.

Deja Vu - again

Via the enchantress at displacethoughts, we get this quote from Some Guy:

For Bush, Europe is torture.... The only station is PBS.

Uh, Bush is middle-aged conservative married to a librarian. I doubt he has a vendetta against PBS, even if the cast of Sesamie Street is a liberal daydream.

I just dread the episode where Bert and Ernie can legally get married. One vote for Gay Marriage. Hahaha.... Twoooo votes for Gay Marriage. Hahaha.... Threeeeeee....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nobody's Complained Yet

The market may have undergone a small correction after I posted, but I stand by my recommendations. It's funny, though: The dollar declines, so stocks decline. However- stock is priced in terms of dollars. Even if the price didn't go down, it would still be worth less, because a dollar is worth less. So really, the decline is more about high oil prices. But wait- oil prices went up because the dollar went down, and it takes more dollars to get a barrel of oil. It's all very strange.

Of course, the stock market is actually a few hundred bald men screaming in a room in downtown NY City. So how seriously can you take a fluctuation like this? Not very.

This post is about the weak dollar. GWBush and his posse claim that they want to keep the dollar strong, but they have done nothing to do so. This article explains the situation better than I can- if you don't read anything else, read it. Part of what the weak dollar accomplishes is to reduce American spending slightly, as Playstations are more expensive. It also helps American exports, because they are cheaper in terms of other currencies. The past few years have seen an economy supported by consumer spending, and this may be a chance to take a break and pay down those credit cards Citibank keeps sending me- uh, us.

The trade deficit never bothered me. We send pieces of paper to China, and they send us electronics. Now, the paper is suddenly worth a lot less, while we are using the electronics to run more efficient businesses and collect all 351 pokemon. Of course, restraining our spending would be better, but... that won't happen.

I have a conspiracy theory, as yall know, that Bush is trying to create a fiscal crisis in order to cut USGOV spending. The weak dollar policy is part of this, in that it reduces foreign demand for our bonds. He is also trying to reduce domestic demand by SS privatisation and reduce income via tax cuts. He still spends too much, though. Spending in order to create a crisis and reduce spending would be pretty stupid.

Veritas Ex Machina

The Right Wing is very effective... too effective. The AARP has emerged as the biggest opponent to SS accounts, so a lot of pundits and sites like spectator.org and usanext.org are working to discredit them. USA Next may not be a real organisation anyway if we're to believe that article... So we're discrediting the AARP. Ok, it had to be done sooner or later. The fourth item here is about the polling battles. Psh.

I'm just surprised at how swiftly ads and whatnot have appeared.

Our propaganda machine also has its peasant brigades, our equivalent of DUers. They are less numerous, I hope, than the DUers, but they are still a liability. At the DNC's official blog, the more moderate Dems live in fear of the Right Wingnuts. I would be too, if I were a leftie, listening to the plebs talk about marching liberals into death camps. Given the psychotic state of the Democratic Party, it must seem too real for comfort. On the other hand, HAHAHA.
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** *** ** *
The SS politicing is a textbook example of how a propaganda machine is supposed to work. Bush is refusing to introduce any real proposals until he has enough support to win. This stops his opponents' attacks, and puts the entire process on his schedule. The main opponents of The Plan are being targeted and dismembered. Straw men are being created and knocked down, every time a GOPer says he opposes privatisation but supports personal accounts. The plebs are browbeating each other with talking points.

The thing that bothers me is that most of these Right Wingers have no idea what's really going on. The potential for abuse on the part of Republican leadership is huge.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Deja Vu

Here's a stock tip: Buy S&P, or Nasdaq if you feel lucky, then sell in April 2011 or when you've made 130% profit, whichever comes first. My credentials? Don't worry about my credentials. I'm only about 9 years away from a PhD in economics, if I wanted to get one.

Oh yeah, and if you're ever in the mood, check out my Modern Philosophy. I'm too dense to write anything sensical w/o feedback.

Funny, I had pork last night

Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA) is going to Washington. Apparently, California realised that it only gets .79$US for every buck it pays in federal taxes, and it doesn't want to get shortchanged. Rather than face the obvious- that that's how the rest of us feel about taxes, too- and stop voting for tax increases, the Governator and a bipartisan menagerie are headed to DC to Bring Home The Bacon. Fair enough, I suppose, kinda...

Everybody hates Pork, and it consumes 23 Billiondollars a year, yet it just won't go away. Of course, your project is actually worth what we spend. The reality is that some programs, like NASA, disproportionately benefit one region, like Houston, TX. No one will agree to put the JSC in Clear Lake unless their metropolitan area gets something, and when all the deals are made, Anchorage ends up with a billion dollars for interpretive dance and street theatre. So what can we do?

Well, we can go ahead and give CA a few thousand border security guards, as we were planning to do but never did. We get security, CA gets jobs, everyone wins. But wait- there's more. How about we send some to sunny Arizona, providing jobs for the people crazy enough to live in the desert, and cut some of AZ's pork as part of the deal? This method of nipping and tucking unwanted fat could be a great innovation in the field of quit wasting our money YOU MORONS.

Instead of trading in boondoggles named after Robert Byrd, we could trade in insignificant programs that might have a benefit, somewhere.

The Californians- what do they want? A refund of the other .21$us? A bailout for the massive debt that my pals in Houston put the state into? Another 10 lane highway to fill with traffic jams, thus destroying the Ozone even as they listen to Air Amerika on the way to vote Green?

If the Governator really wanted federal bling, he would've come equipped with a plan. I hope his grandstanding for the plebs doesn't hurt the national party. Of course, when the delegation gets shot down, What's-his-name might say it's Fiscal Discipline. That would be worth a laugh or two.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Prose and Cons

I talked about the president's agenda earlier, and I don't believe saving Social Security is his goal. Howevah, I do support his grandiose schemes, and he needs our support if he's going to tinker with a popular program. More specifically, he needs the support of Senate Republicans, and they need to know their subjects- uh, constituents- support them. So...

Carved out accounts' immediate benefit is that they will squeeze more money out of the SS trust fund, ensuring its solvency for our children. By our children, I refer to me, a member of Generation Why Bother.
If personal accounts are successful, they may lead to the eventual phase-out of Social Security. The only problem with that is people who become disabled. I suggest SS insurance still exist, specifically for those instances. Of course, we may cure everything in the next 40 years and avoid that necessity.

The second benefit to the prez's plan is that it will shift the SS trust fund from T-bills, supporting USGOV spending, to stock, supporting economic growth. Growth >> spending.

Private accounts would also be the property of their owners, which prevents benefit cuts and cancellations and allows the money to be inherited in the event of death.

The main objection to SS accounts is that it transfers the risk from the fund to the individual, thus removing all meaning from the term insurance. This is a concern. Over the long run, very few individuals could lose money, but I suspect some special people would. I would suggest a default program that non-investors would be put into. Many companies that offer 401ks already have a few of those. In the SS case, the proportion of stocks to bonds would decrease with age. I'm leery of putting that much "zombie money" into the markets, though. It would tend to exaggerate the fluctuations caused by traders.

So what do we do with the people who lose everything *coughenron* at the age of 67? Laugh at them and give them their old job back, I would imagine. You shouldn't bet what you can't afford to lose. Under the prez's plan, they would still have some defined benefits, so they could probably survive.

The other problem is that there will be a period of 20 years or so where SS is paying more than it is making. In the long run the accounts will balance, but the trust fund will be used up. The SSA may even have to borrow money for a while. We would all be putting our faith and trust in Adam Smith if that happened- interest would have to be paid, and spending would be cut in the general budget to find $$$ to lend the SSA. Either that or income tax increases.
We could avoid this by starting carves-out accounts at 1% of FICA rather than 4%, and increasing it slowly when possible, but that would take decades. Political will might give out before the system proved itself.

That was a bit lengthy. Sorry. My remarks will be pithier from now on.

Social Security has an ironic name

First a ReCap:

Ok, so the president has said he wants to revamp SS. He says he's listening to all the ideas available, but as we know he will eventually get a proposal into congress that includes carved-out accounts: ie, diverting some of the worker's FICA into an account that is legally considered his property, and which he can use to invest in stocks, junk bonds, et cetera. The theory behind this is that the higher returns will allow us to cut benefits, which will be a Better Deal, in that SS will no longer go bankrupt. The reason that this might work is that generally, stocks perform better than the bonds that SS is currently invested in; switching to stocks will create more money without raising taxes.

This could also be accomplished by investing the SS fund in stocks without creating personal accounts. However, that would put the USGOV in the business of stock speculation, and the entire planet would soon be destroyed in a horrible chain of events.

Ok... But SS is fine for another 40 years, at least. Granted that it's better to deal with problems sooner than later, there are more pressing concerns. Medicare will bankrupt the USGOV in *looks at his watch* 10 years or so. So why tinker with SS?

Yes, it is the root cause of our Welfare State today, but dismantling it wouldn't be a huge gain. And it would be dismantled. When workers see their money making profits, they will want more and more of the FICA redirected into private accounts. Then, one day, they will be abolished in favor of 401ks and everyone will be happy, except orphans and the disabled. But...

SS in not the issue. Enacting the president's plan will have one major side effect that is absolutely essential to his longer term goals. The SS Fund will be out of the control of the USGOV. The surplus, previously used to buy T-bills, will go to the stock market (fueling another boom, BTW). The deficits we are now running will be impossible. No one else will buy enough bonds to make up the shortfall.

The president will, of course, veto any tax increases, assuming the crisis hits in the next 4 years or we elect one of his posse. Spending will have to be cut- and in a situation like that, the prez has huge control over what will be cut. I imagine farm subsidies and things of that nature, pork, and the national endowment for the arts will be first. If we can withdraw most troops from Iraq then, that would save a lot of bling. Of course, GWB is unpredictable.

And let me say, pork lard is the grease that keeps the government running. Anyways, that's the gist. Spending cuts and economic growth- not shoring up SS.

For a running commentary from a well-educated leftie, visit talkingpoints memo. It's perty good.

Bait and Switch

I said I'd cover Social Security next, but I just came across a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the laws of economics in a way that even a (non-left-wing) child could understand. We start with this article which was posted in full in Scrappleface's comment section. The guy's not too bright, but he does have some common misperceptions that need to be beat out of him. Either that, or he'll be the first to die when the Revolution comes... Anyway


In other words, the welfare check money eventually ends up in the Walmart cash registers, so what difference does it make how it got there......
The difference is that the people did not work; fewer goods were produced; the stuff at Wal-Mart now costs more, because of Supply and Demand; and a lot of tax dollars were spent so somebody could buy an X-Box for their malnourished children.
And as wealth concentrates, there is a tendancy for the rich to protect themselves by using fascist politics and perhaps "death squads" to put down lower class dissenters.
Hahahahahahaha, ha. O/T, but I thought I'd share.

For example, a NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN would take a huge burden off business thus aiding competitivness....
No, because those businesses would be paying higher taxes, or the workers would be paying higher taxes. In the second case, wages would rise or demand would fall, screwing the businesses once again. Then he babbles about helping the poor, which is good in theory. I'll address health care later.
but a system of tax and benefits could be devised to incentivize and subsidize,
There's the problem. Money runs downhill, just as any system seeks the lowest energy state; right now, money gets channeled to 1) the hardest workers 2) the smartest workers 3) the best products, and 4) the most profitable companies. Anything that the government does interferes, thus adding friction to the economy and reducing its output. Since economic growth is continuously compounded, GDP(t)=t0(1+G/t)^Yt, anything the government does to help a poor person today creates 10 poor people a few years from now. Of course, unprotected sex between construction workers who still live with their parents also creates more poor people... Mike, you idiot. Anyway... I'll start working on my analysis of the White House SS strategy now.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Day One

Hello, I'm Will. I am commonly known as Field Marshal Mathers, Effeminem, or The ManiaC. Usually, when I use those pseudonyms, I keep to a certain character, but... here I won't. My main purpi in writing this blog are 1) kill time, and 2) to explain the motives and strategies behind the moves politicians make.

Sure, we all know the talking points for/against Social Security 'reform,' but why is Bush doing this? Isn't Medicare far more urgent? I'll be explaining my take on what the prez is trying to accomplish over the next couple of posts. I'll also be getting inside the heads of some other politicos later.

I also plan to explain a lot of issues from the Energy perspective. A lot of systems, like the US economy, can be described using simple laws of physics, and these laws can help explain things... You'll see what I mean later. Physical security/gaussian curves/accounting also have striking parallels.

Anyway, I have to go get ready for a Matchbook Romance concert (with Motion City Soundtrack). Catch yall on the flip side. Oh, and boring personal junk will be posted under About Me soon.