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Friday, December 02, 2005

The reflecting pool in DC is stupid too.

This is a fascinating recap of the problems with the Flight 93 memorial design. Of course, it could just be a funny coincidence that the memorial looks like an islamic crescent, has a prayer sundial, etc. That's not really my concern.

I just don't want my tax money paying for it! I'm sure that at least 38 Americans will die in the time it takes me to make this post. Are we to memorialize them? Why not? Because it is your opinion that the victim of a terrorist is more worthy than the victim of a bank robber, should you tax my hard work to build a garden in Pennsylvania that I will never visit?

The other thing that struck me about this memorial is that it's, how do I put this, really gay. Not gay in a "Purple Rain" way, or in a spiffy Village People way. It's gay in the sense that merely looking at the design JPEGs makes my testicals shrivel up into my body. It induces an anemic feeling of, "We did our best. I guess we learned our lesson- we better appease faster next time." Maple trees? Wind chimes? WTF are these people thinking?

How about they build a full-scale marble plane embedded in the ground in the impact crater, and install a big magnifying glass so that on September 11 the sun hits the right angle to spontaneously ignite the grass?

Okay, that would be tacky, disrespectful, and probably offensive to the families of the victims. But glass cubes? WTF?


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