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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In case you were wondering

Since my blogroll is small and sorted by what appears to be a random heuristic, I thought I'd review the sites I've linked to. Nobody gets five stars.

OxBlog *
I rarely visit it. May be delinked soon. Standard political blog run by what sound like middle aged white men.

GOP Bloggers *

The dogmatic mouthpiece of the Republlican base.

Andrew Sullivan ****

His logic is not as solid as I would like, and he jumps to conclusions when he's emotionally attached to an issue. On the plus side, he's interesting, a small government conservative, and posts frequently.

Talking Points Memo **

The dogmatic mouthpiece of the Democratic party. He goes on insane quests against GOP positions and cannot comprehend F = ma, or calculus-based conceptual thinking. He's around 120 IQ and very thorough.

The Freeway To Serfdom ***

A Canadian libertarian; I think he's an anarcho-capitalist. Posts occasionally, finds good stuff, may have an anger problem.


Last I checked, it's one of the most popular Iraqi blogs. He would be a "neocon" here in the US. Incidentally, a lot of Iraqi bloggers are dentists. I wonder why.

Vox Popoli ***

Very intelligent fiction author/WND columnist, et cetera. He's not very nice, but he has some extremely interesting perspectives on society, which is something most libertarians neglect.

Scrappleface ***

Funny stuff. Not as funny as Iowahawk, IMHO, but good to read. More.. I dunno, satirical.

The Smallest Minority ****

A pro- gun rights blog. Also covers other aspects of freedom from government tyrrany.

Ayn Clouter ***

Funny evil capitalist lady. I think she's a lawyer. I bet she's hot.

Afghan Warrior **

Afghani guy. Honestly, he's closer to the intellectual level of GOP Bloggers than to Iraq the Model.

The QandO Blog ****

Great blog, the hub of the Neolibertarian Network (see top left of my site).

Defense Tech ****

A roundup of new defense technology. It's my favorite one.


Used to be better, but FrankJ found love and invited a bunch of less-funny people to co-blog. Also, he has a job now.

Michelle Malkin **

She's often behind the curve, but she's an actual journalist and she's not a moron.

Conservative Dialysis *

Good site, standard conservative guy. Nothing spectacular, but it's on my list.

Tim Blair **

Right-Wing Aussie blogger. He has a strange obsession with someone named Margo. He's interesting.

The Buggy Professor ***

Posts long, in-depth scholarly articles at infrequent intervals. If you can't stay awake through The Wealth of Nations, you don't want to try this guy, but he is EXCELLENT if you can.

Day By Day ***

Cartoon, like Doonesbury but funny and better in every way.

Quotulatiousness **

Canadian guy who posts on wine and things. Finds good quotes, as per the title.

The Mighty Middle **

A center-left guy. He seems to believe in the Golden Mean, but explaining why he's wrong would take several hundred words.

The New Libertarian *

When did I link to this??? It has articles that will be of interest to libertarian neophytes or standard conservatives.

A Candle in the Dark **

A right-wing atheist combat medic who just returned from Iraq. I don't even know how to describe the profundity of his insights.

Global Guerrillas ***

The blog was started partially to promote the author's book, but it talks about networks quite a bit. I know I used to write about information theory and human networks a bit, but this is a different perspective.

Days of My Life ***

A young Iraqi girl's blog. She's intelligent and her English is pretty good.


Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks for the link, and the rating!

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