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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I was hoping the smell of beef wasn't noticeable, but now there's a fly on my arm.

It's still there. My winow is closed.

So the writer known as Vox Day said something about ethical systems the other day. Rather than quote him accurately and link to him, I think I'll

That fly- what? Uh,

"There is no dearth of philosophical systems of ethics, and they are all useless because they make no logical claim on those who do not voluntarily accept it." -Vox

I believe he was referring to non-religious systems. If there is a God, then there can be an absolute moral standard, which would be applicable to anyone. Assuming a God, there wouldn't be much of an argument against His law.

Of course, God isn't assumed, so we make up ethical systems. First, they must be self-consistent, which eliminates some of them. The question is, which one is right?

I follow the I Think Therefore I Am philosophy, which I follow to the logical conclusion of voting for Bush. Along the way I overcome paradoxes, solipsism, et cetera, (all spelled out in my Modern Philosophy) but the weak point in my reasoning occurs when I get to the basic ethical assumptions.

Is it wrong to hurt others, and why? That is the question that stands in the way of a perfect Tao.


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