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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Words of Wisdom One

These are what pass as deep thoughts in my world. I have actually typed or said everything here this week. Warning: I sound even more like a jerk than usual.

Me: For what it's worth, God's plan is infallible, which means that you can't screw it up. Does that make you feel better?
Her: NO.
Me: It always makes me feel better.

"Mensa's required IQ is only 132? Anybody can get in, geeze."

"We should make another Bill and Ted movie: Bill and Ted's Righteous Ride."

(dicussing Christmas)
Me: I hope I get a hot redhead named Casie.
Him: Someone you know?
Me: Not yet...

Me: How'd your Ph.D. defense or whatever go?
Him: Well. It was a master's defense.
Me: Okay. I didn't think you were that smart.

"I was under the impression that marriage was the best way to raise children, because most people can't afford good daycare."

"I caught some flick flubs though. Apparently the writers didn't realise that secular humanism wasn't invented during the revolutionary war."

"That was a waste of pants."

"I went to bed at 12:40 from boredom, couldn't sleep till 2 of course. Woke up at nine and reset the alarm, went back to sleep. I dreamed that I woke up like 10 times and kept hitting the snooze, so when I woke up for real I thought it was noon and I panicked. So I ran to school to pay the electric bill, but I had to hack into their security. At which point I realised I was still dreaming."

"I'm considering whether to become more disillusioned, but I'm not sure whether it will benefit me."

"I know this goes against thermodynamics, but I think the room actually gets colder when he comes in."


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