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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Scrapple is nasty

Since Scrappleface won't accept any of my posts that contain an iota of intellectual content, here's a post I TRIED to make there:

boberin, whassup?
Here's the thing; the whole WMD debate is one of those issues where both sides are relying on the same facts, but expressing them differently. I don't know how to fix the English language or human nature, yet, but here's the bare facts. And I'm reliable when I choose to use facts*.

1) Iraq's WMD consisted of
-(possibly) some cans of mustard gas, which would be somewhat decomposed. The Iraqi army no longer had many functioning gas masks, so using this would be problematic.
-some aluminum tubes which may or may not have been used to refine fissible material at some future date when inspections were over. Saddam's scientists were also conning him out of money as fast as possible, because what nuclear scientist is stupid enough to give a dictator real weapons?
-a refrigerator with an old sandwich in it.

2) A UN report released last year, which I will find if you so desire, has concrete evidence that something was smuggled out of Iraq immediately prior to the invasion. Border guards were bribed. This was probably Saddam's IKEA furniture and some hard cash, or maybe vats of Sarin.

3) It doesn't really matter, I could whip up WMD in two weeks if I wanted to. WMD were not the basis for Bush going to war. The strategic reason was new world order, the justification was Saddam's breach of the cease-fire agreement, and the media reason was... well, WMD, but that's only propaganda. The administration was divided over what to tell the public, and WMD was the one seized on and promoted by the media. WMD are scary. Technical breaches of old cease-fire agreements are not scary.

Have a nice Day!

*subject to the universe actually existing, which I rather doubt. But if it doesn't, then I'm talking to myself and my wrong assumption will not be noticed.


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