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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Liberate France!

Note the exclamation point.

As much as I enjoyed the wanton violence recently, I somehow feel that liberty and progress are admirable goals. Indeed, due to aspects of my childhood, eradicating opposing philosophies has become my life's goal. This blog is an attempt to refine my own to an edge that will slice away the dead weight of the world....

In any event, it is tempting to say that the gang bangers, metrosexuals, and socialists that seem to make up 90% of France deserve to live in their squallor. I pity Britain, because of the large number of reasonable people that must live in fear of yobs and the police state. In France, there does not appear to be a reasonable group to empathise with.

Of course, their philosophies oppose mine, but their path to destruction has already been well-lubricated. We need not fear the French, although Algeria II may one day be a problem.

Then I think of the gang rapes and the general rule of might over law. France has just enough of a police presence in the slums to prevent another power structure from creating stability.

Hey, if this persists long enough, a perfect anarcho-capitalist society may emerge from the cesspool!

I doubt it. Using the same standards that we use to euthanise dogs and cats and Baathist regimes, I propose we liberate France now.

The benefits include
*Fewer communists
*More dead communists
*Improved French economy means more export markets for the US
*Law and/or Order
*Liberty and Justice for most, or perhaps all depending on how the French bar sets up its pro-bono work requirements.
*Actually, we'd have to scrap Napoleonic law. That's another plus.
*I hate communism so much.
*Target practice for troops en route to Iraq
*We can sell Brittany back to the U.K. and use the proceeds to buy everyone in America an ice cream cone.
*France has more Iraqi oil and WMD than Iraq did.
*We can end their agricultural subsidies, creating a temporary supply shortage that will result in the populace running out of bread and eating nothing but cake for months on end.

And finally,

*Put Denmark on notice.


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