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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It strikes a chord with me

"Psychologists have a very popular term for this very popular condition you are in, it is called being "co-dependent". It means for some strange reason, you actually believe that you are responsible for someone else's life and decisions. The reasons why people come to believe this, and behave accordingly, usually have something to do with their own needs for feeling needed, wanted, important, and powerful. It can also stem from another condition, which I sense in your case, Robert. It can stem from simply being a nice person who sincerely wants to help someone else, and that of course, is wonderful.

The problem is, though, that nice people sometimes have a hard time in acknowledging a fundamental fact of life: sometimes, you just can't help someone, because they do not want to be helped, they do not want to change!! And so, you must relinquish the illusion that you CAN help." - Jamie Andreas, guitar virtuoso, in a recent newsletter. His site is here.

I wish I could pass this on to every socialist, leftist, and post-liberal. Sadly, most of them would think it applies only to playing the guitar.


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