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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Is San Francisco actually getting gayer?

I know this story is old, but I've been coping with the shock.

From an AP report by LOUISE CHU:

"The gun ban prohibits the manufacture and sale of all firearms and ammunition in the city, and makes it illegal for residents to keep handguns in their homes or businesses."

I assume it's already illegal to keep a handgun in your car. The constant traffic jam of BMW SUVs must cause a lot of road rage. Hm, when I get my laptop back I may post a picture of that.

"Only two other major U.S. cities — Washington and Chicago — have implemented such sweeping handgun bans."

Yes, and those are crime-free wonderlands of 50's nostalgia.

"The measure, dubbed "College Not Combat," opposes the presence of military recruiters at public high schools and colleges. However, it would not ban the armed forces from seeking enlistees at city campuses, since that would put schools at risk of losing federal funding."

I would've thought that since SF is in favor of raising federal taxes, which support the military, and wants federal funding, supplied by our imperialist government, and enjoys its freedom to promote acceptable alternative lifestyles, provided by thousands of dead soldiers, that SF would be in favor of us having an army. Ya know, just in case we get in a war with the hundreds of millions of militant Islamics who execute gays, conscript children, gang rape women for civil jurisprudence, etc.. But I can certainly see how sending the garbage collectors of the world to college at vast expense is better than having a military.

Because we can have our amigos from Sonora y Chihuahua pick up the garbage! Then everyone's happy!

Here's the part that made me laugh really hard-

"We now have the moral weight of the city [of San Francisco] behind us, and it's definitely a valuable asset to have in our corner," said Bob Matthews, an activist for the proposition."


Blogger dave bones said...

Very good. SF is on notice.

12:29 PM  

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