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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Better write this down before I forget it

In Academia, the various ideologies are distributed based on their theoretical feasibility; that is the nature of the medium. After all, in theory, Communism has some good points. In theory, Capitalism is better. And in theory, both have various flaws.

These theories can be debated endlessly, but in the end the percentage of people holding each view will be representative of the view itself. If ten percent are commies and twenty percent are capitalists, then that would seem to imply that capitalism is twice as desirable in theory as communism.

In reality, socialist college professors make up a relatively large percentage. However, outside academia, outright socialism is much less prevalent. Since the theoretical desirability of socialism is the same among the general population as among college professors, the difference must be in the nature of the medium. The general population judges ideas based on practicality and personal benefit. Since these factors reduce the number of socialists in the population, it is therefore a mathematical certainty that:

Socialism is impractical and/or does not benefit most people.

Of course, since the goal of socialism is to benefit most of the population, these two factors are equivalent.


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