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Friday, November 04, 2005

And Yet...

Blue Topaz, a DU denizen, has created a short list of things plagueing "Bush/Republicans." After each I will explain why exactly this creature has its head stuck up its [deleted], and why they cannot defeat us. They do not know their enemy.

"Let's see, short list of what Bush/Republicans are facing:

Katrina blunders,"

What blunders? No one remembers anything from a month ago. The whole failure proved the worthlessness of the government, which is a GOP talking point; furthermore, if we really hate black people, then we are also happy that we made them suffer. Katrina is not a political problem.

"Bush toxicly unpopular,"

The right wing doesn't care about blacks. It also doesn't care about whites, poor, women with breast cancer, or George W. Bush. He could die of AIDS, and I might feel bad for a few days, but it would not affect my voting. Also, since Bush is not running for re-election, there is only one crucial inflection point at which his popularity matters: the point at which Congressmen running for re-election start to distance themselves (in swing states).

" Libby indicted,"

We really don't care. There are more sacrificial lambs where he came from.

"Rove still under investigation,"

Rove is one of the shadier individuals in the GOP, and he would still advise our candidates were he in So-Ho. Further, he is old. He is slipping. We need a replacement soon anyway.

" Reid blowing open the doors on Bush's run to war (and bonus: causing Frist to blow a gasket),"

By shutting the doors of the senate for 2 hours. Ironic turn of phrase. Frankly, half the people in the country think Bush Lied, People Died, and a quarter will never believe that. The remaining 25% were in on the deception.

"Iraq war more unpopular every day,"

I guess that could be a problem, if we didn't control all three branches of government, a majority of state governments, and have overwhelming support in the armed forces.

" Republicans poised to extend tax breaks for the wealthy on the backs of poor people,"

Yes, we are. That would be a victory. That would be a good thing for Republicans. Perhaps this individual should be more careful about its minus signs.

"Bush's Miers nomination blown up by Dobsonites,"

And Dobsonites are Republicans. Therefore, the Bush/Republican group suffered no net change, except to nominate a more conservative justice than originally planned.

" Republican-caused enormous never-ending deficit,"

The public loves deficits, or they wouldn't vote for the idiots who run the government. Besides, interest on the national debt is lower than economic growth, which make the National Debt leverage. It's good debt, not bad debt.

"polls show people trust Dems over Repukes on virtually every single issue,"

Yeah, I trust Dems too. I know that if elected, they will follow through on their campaign promises to turn the US into a communist totalitarian regime. More of a Brave New World than a 1984, but still not my preference. I don't want to spend my last years as the ruggedly handsome leader of a desperate band of freedom fighters, ala Serenity. I haven't seen that, by the way. The trailer looked good.

" AND YET....."

and yet the GOP keeps winning those gosh-darned elections.


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