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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I often ramble on about the supposed dichotomy between Utilitarian and Rights ethics that underlies the US political world. You know, classical liberalism v. post-liberalism, communism v. capitalism, whatever.

I forget that there is another one that crops up frequently, and I would be remiss to omit it. For lack of a better word, I'll call it Nietzcheism.

Nietzcheism- Might is Right.

We are tempted to dismiss it because it seems primitive, but it makes sense; it is even observable. Don't the fittest survive in nature? If the natural world exists that way, why shouldn't man?

This led Hitler to try to implement his vision of racial unity. He assumed that if a master race supplanted the inferior races, mankind as a whole would be better and all the survivors would benefit. Maybe he was right, but history seems to indicate he was not a part of said Master Race. Bombing England? Why? Marching all the way to Stalingrad? Why?

The reason this came up is that many right-wingers have been striking back against the pinkos lately. "Fascism ist not Right-Wing," they say, "Ist National Socialist Workers' Party, dumkoff!"

Well, yes, but Nazism and Fascism are not precisely the same. In fact, I haven't seen a good definition of "Fascism" yet. It makes me think the term was created by the commies that McCarthy was out to get, to distance themselves from Hitler.

The point is, Hitler's vision was clearly not left-wing either, because it was not based on the idea of the greatest good for the greatest number. It was based on the idea of Might makes Right, a third ethical system which is largely defunct today.


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