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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The tide has turned?

Here's a piece I wrote but never posted:

"But despite the Pennsylvania GOP's best efforts, a few actual citizens slipped through to question the Veep." - First Draft

Nice to see that Republicans aren't really citizens. Keep up the good work reaching out to voters, guys.

That article is referring to the tour Bush and Cheney have been on, trying to drum up support for SS tinkering. I support carved out accounts for the same reasons Bush does; squeezing a little more money out of the system, increasing capital for the private sector, and reducing capital for the public sector, thereby creating a fiscal crisis that will reign in spending.

They're not doing great, but when Josh Marshall says that Bush is doing slightly better in the first debate- whether SS is, in fact, in crisis- I begin to hope that Bush's amazing political skills may triumph again.

Actual support for priv- personal accounts seems low, but the best evidence that Bush's war of attrition is succeeding is that left-wing opposition is dropping off. They're tired. They're bored. TPM itself has moved on to other topics, from necessity, because nothing is happening.

Bush has no pressing need to pass a bill until this fall.

I wrote that in March, but decided I was probably wrong. So... It's the fall. Now would be a good time for a reform bill to be passed, but... it was never that popular to begin with, and now no one remembers it. The most politically expedient solution is to let SS continue to suck until the USA is overrun by jihadis in 2100.

I wonder what the issue of the year will be in 2006? Bush was planning radical tax reform, but he's not the most popular guy in the office anymore.


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