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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Taylor Rain Has Nice Eyes

I was just wondering what the target market for massages is. Obviously, there is the nerd-in-desparate-need-of-human-contact market. Then there is the ludicrously-wealthy-so-why-not-get-a-massage-after-the-18th-hole market. There is the sybarite market, which probably fluctuates seasonally, as they will only shell out the money when they don't have a mate to do the job. And of course there are the vacillations of logic that snare all mankind, leading to the misconception that a massage would be a "good idea."

Of course, as we all know, the sole purpose of existence is pleasure, so if stimulating nerves and blood flow is what accomplishes that...

As I sit her and type I realize how uncomfortable I am physically sometimes. My feet are cold, I am propped up on hard surfaces, my muscles are stiff and my neck is sore. I think back on times that I have stood for hours or sat in the blazing sun, while others search desperately for a chair or shade. I once froze my fingertips because I was carrying a Slurpee(TM) in each hand. Is my entire ascetic philosophy based on a lack of pain receptors? Are all human souls identical, with beliefs entirely dictated by the whims of our DNA?


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