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Monday, October 10, 2005


The sequel to Absolutely.

It takes a few thousand words to adequately define the various types of ethics, but a brief summary can be had here:

Rights ethics: Humans are possessed of inviolable rights. Evil consists of infringing those rights. Good consists of not infringing the rights of others, in spite of potential personal gain.

Duty ethics: Good consists of fulfilling one's duty, such as by feeding lepers.

Utilitarian ethics: Good consists of creating the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

The US was originally founded on the negative rights to Life and Liberty. Negative rights are the rights to not have something happen to the individual, such as murder or enslavement.

Many modern states are now founded on positive rights to health care, free wi-fi, and nude beaches. While negative rights tend to form a coherent system by virtue of their inward focus, positive rights are focused outwards and a rational system is more difficult to achieve.

If a thousand men are in need of health care, and have the right to health care, how is it to be provided? There is only one doctor. The solution is to force some of the smarter men into slavery as registered nurses. They still get their health care- but the negative right to liberty is absent.

In practice, capitalisation allows us to force each of the thousand men into slavery for, say, twenty minutes a day, thus providing health care and making everyone feel good about the situation.

It is my position that the current system of positive rights is in fact utilitarianism enacted by morons; that communists could provide more efficient health care than the existing bureaucracies in most of the West; and that we are all going to hell in a handbasket.

Positive rights could be envisioned and enshrined in Rights ethics, but they are clearly not. Morons (those mentioned in the preceding bloc) were spoonfed socialist propaganda as babes and later adopted the pretty phrases of Liberalism to make it more palatable to others.

The socialists have done everyone a great disservice. Now we have the proletariat running amok, guided neither by the invisible hand nor by the iron fist.

Is a No Man's Land of idiots better than an actual socialist victory?


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