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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Adventures of ManiaC Provost - Like Humans Do

Me: if you want i can give you a rational basis either way, but rationality is only somewhat better than irrationality. it is never possible to prove logic is unflawed
This Chick: Go ahead.
Me: ok, wellll...

in the Torah it says if a man lies with a married woman or vice versa, that is bad
if two unmarried people kick it then they have to get married
the only way to overrule old testament laws is to know why they are made and why they have no basis
the problem is, we don't know for sure why half of them were made
for example, we eat pork, because we think the no pork restriction was put in place to protect the Hebrews from salmonella and worms
that is no longer a problem, so we eat pork. But what if there is another reason, still valid, we do not know?
this case is solved because John supposedly had a revelation in 40 AD or so saying we could eat any animal
in the case of monogamy, we can say the reason is to prevent STDs or unwanted pregancy or something
and by solving those problems, it is no longer a sin
however, we do not know if that reasoning is right, and there are no prophets excluding Kinsey
here is where i start wild speculation
if God has a purpose for the universe, it has probably not been achieved yet, or the universe would end
when we deal with a system with many random parts, we deal with the average
particles behave like waves and teleport around, but a baseball does not behave like a wave
same thing with chemical reactions and many other processes
so too God would deal with the average human behavior to achieve his goal
we cannot alter the behavior of chemicals, yet
God can alter our behavior and has done so quite drastically
in evolution, monogomous species and nonmonogomous species evolve quite differently
it's a huge difference, and i'm not an expert on it but from what i've seen the monogomous species tend to be more 'productive' in terms of evolution
because the nonmonogamous species are constantly fighting each other in zero-sum adaptational battles
even if STDs and pregnancy are eliminated, monogamy for life still produces a better result than polyamory
even if you are an atheist, this argument makes some sense

Contrariwise, you can argue that God created Man, God guided evolution, and the almost overwhelming urge to [Expletive Deleted] is his fault and should obviously be indulged
or that there is no God and it's all good, of course
but the first argument is the one i'll stick with. celibacy has other benefits for one with my aims, anyway


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