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Monday, September 12, 2005

There it is

Here we go:

"...he had possibly even
fabricated some of the data itself! That is, a few of the "case histories" or stories from patients were made up by Freud himself -- there was no patient...

This tendency to interpret texts and events to fit preconceived theories would later be copied by psychology majors and lit crit students ad nauseum, as they found vagina dentatas, envied penises, and other Freud derived symbology hidden within the words and imagery of countless books, movies, songs, plays, speeches, and ancient myths. Gleefully they plucked forth their Freudian plums and crowed, "What a good scholar am I!" Eventually this over zealous symbol detection led to the opposing cry, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!" "
- from Rotten.com*

And thus began the modern liberal left.

* which I do NOT frequent. It was a random google search. Here is the link, with this disclaimer: link not for pregnant women, children under 14, the faint of heart, people at work, or anyone anywhere with respectable citizenry watching. Link contains photographic and artists' renditions of female genitalia and various circus sideshows. The rest of the ste is worse.


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