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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random Chance

[edit: May be jet lag, but my prose is prose is repetitive. Point cogent though. Good night.]

There are three possibilities for finding your perfect mate:

1) Find someone who has the same core values as yourself and has rationally built up a worldview compatible with your own.

2) Since there are 6000000000 people on Earth, some of them must have developed a compatible worldview by random chance.

3) Screw philosophy and mate with the hottest man/woman you can afford.

This is not really the point of the post; the random chance mentioned in paragraph three is. All of our opinions are, in the end, the product of undirected chemical reactions. Those positions we have built through cold logic are premised on axioms that were pulled from the Ether(TM).

There are 6000000000 people, and it is therefore a statistical certainty to find someone who agrees with you on a particular subtle point for no apparent reason. Take a virtually non-existent blog written by a friend of mine. Here're two quotes:

"...we have stupid laws. Why? Because the government has nothing better to do with their time. These laws are pointless to follow and shouldn't be adhered to. We have more important things to worry about. ...Hopefully stupid laws will end someday, but until that time just continue to ignore them." - Netherworld News, Jul 3

"...The good thing is that no matter how many shares you buy, you won't lose anything for as long as you own the shares. When you do decide to sell, make sure that you didn't lose any money. If you do lose money, then it is your own falut (sic) because you sold your shares at the wrong time." - Netherworld News, Aug 6

These sound delightfully cynical, libertarian in proclivity, and hilariously ingenuous. Well, only the third one is actually the case. Despite my vast skill, I don't know that I could write anything quite like it.


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