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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Neolibertarians, too

The strategy for a voting bloc should be as follows:

1) Find the party that is closest to your ideology and has a chance to win.

2) Vote for them.

3) Pull them as far in your direction as possible without costing them the election.

4) Make sure the opposition party knows of your importance and your willingness to flip sides.

5) Rouse the rabble and propagandise to pull the overall spectrum closer to your beliefs.

6) When making concessions, allow the opposition to have their craziest desires, rather than more moderate ones. This will make the populace angry at them.

7) Appeal to other groups using their own logic, no matter how flawed, immoral, and/or stomach-wrenchingly idiotic.

8) Use moderation in moderation, to win sympathy for your cause.

9) Constantly compare your political opponents to Hitler. Oh, wait, that would be stupid.

10) Brainwash the media, and they will brainwash others.

11) Create soundbites for your strategy, not strategy for your soundbites.


Anonymous Godfrey said...

Hey- good blog, man. I love your Neolib strategy- it is precisely why, as a libertarian, I have always voted Republican. The Libertarians with the capital "L" have no power whatsoever, so I usually only vote for them for local office where my vote might actually matter (and wherefrom some future Rising Tide of Libertarianism may whip the major parties into line).

I also note that we share the same taste in pundits- PJ, Taranto, and of course Scott Ott. Well done.

1:42 AM  

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