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Thursday, September 22, 2005

My family went through Hurricane Rita and all I have left is this stupid T-Shirt

I no longer live down there, but I know people. My sister will narrowly avoid Rita as well. Phone lines clogged, of course, although that won't be so much of a problem when the infrastructure is totally digitized.

Mmm, Voip. So here are the specs I promised for the computer- my first PC since 2003, now that my travails are over.

Athlon 3500+
2x 512 DDR 400, running in 128 bit dual channel mode
ECS NForce Mobo
some crappy Sony CD/burner
120 GB SATA hard drive
Case with a window and a pretty blue light
Radeon X300SE with 128 MB DDR. PCI-e. Kinda cheaped out
19" semi-flat CRT
and the cheap ps/2 keyboard and optical mouse
big shiny 35$ chipfan. only one available

The sound card puts out enough watts that my computer subwoofer can rattle nearby equipment. This is a nice change from the puny laptop cards. The sound also has enough channels for me to record without picking up the stereo mix.

I am pleased, although I could probably have gotten a comparable Dell or IBM for the same price.


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