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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kill em all and let Allah sort them out

Here we have some quotes, all from the same CNN article.

"Republicans hold every elective office in Harris County, which takes in most of Houston,"

The city exists in two counties? Must be that lake they annexed.

"He noted that sprawling Houston is one of the nation's least segregated big cities because it has no zoning laws..."

So the Republican-controlled city, which is deregulated per GOP platform, is a wonderland of racial harmony. Actually, it's because the Crips killed off all of the Bloods in the late 1980s, and were subsequently thrown in prison. Thus ended the gang wars. The vigilantes seem to be preventing a resurgence.

"with Texas' Hispanic population surging and its black population growing faster than the white population, demographic shifts already are pushing the state toward the Democrats."

True enough, although Mexican immigrants tend to become conservatives after a generation or two.

Ok, the article is about displaced Katrina refugees and how they may affect voting. My view is that these people are not going to be able to survive in Houston. They may withstand the heat and humidity, although the elderly won't, but they won't be able to work for less than the Mexican workforce. Not Mexican-American, Mexican. I assume that federal handouts will continue, but Houston does not have as many service jobs as New Orleans, or ludicrously cheap housing built from French slate in a flood zone. The immediate suburbs are not in the correct price range.

Also, Texas has relatively high standards for employee performance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Lance TMQ said...

I'd bet $100 that the removed comment was from an Islamofascist. Am I right?

I call them "Muslim Chickens." That's what they are...chickens.

Anyway, love your site. Bye for now...

9:02 PM  

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