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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hate is a strong word

and that's why I use it for minor annoyances. The government...

A lot of people are shocked that the government can't establish order in Nawlins or git the refugees out. Of course, yall kin guess my view- if the people wanted out, they coulda got out, and they could start walking right now. I know I would. Rumor has it that the National Gaurd is keeping the Superdome sealed, but hey, I'd break the barricade if it was my family in there.

If I were by myself, I wouldn't be in the Superdome to begin with. I'd be festering in an abandoned building with looted guns and food. I'll get back to the ethics of looting later.

The point is, I wouldn't rely on the government. Where does this attitude come from? Some great nobility of spirit? Am I so much greater than the mere mortals around yonder?

No. I know dang well the government can't accomplish anything. Iraq? Viet Nam? Nicaragua? New Orleans? The DMV? The IRS? Family Law?

The US family law system has ruined more lives than Saddam, I'd bet.

Anyway, I had no faith in the government to respond, and I don't perticularly see what's wrong with this picture. Hurricane comes, breaks levees, poorly planned city is crushed, ignorant con artists huddle together in their own feces and wait for someone to come take care of them. Cholera and Dysentery expected. Roving gangs of thugs, murder and rape.

Perhaps I shouldn't characterize the urban poor of Orleans as con artists, but you've been there, right?

So about the looting. I'm the kinda feller that won't steal a loaf of bread if he's starving, though I can't guarantee that if i had kids. However, you must recognise that guns are as necessary as food, if not more, in any natural disaster or breakdown of civil authority. They're almost a necessity as it is. In this case, the food would be ruined by water, mold, and lack of refrigeration. The ammo and guns, well, they're gonna git stolen. It might as well be by me, so I can take out a few of the criminals.

So apparently, there are people who expected the government to have a plan or the ability to react intelligently. I don't know why they expected this- perhaps they're the kind of people who can get their car registered or rent a motel room in Stockton. Perhaps when they file their tax returns they get a receipt with a smiley face on it and a small but satisfying return check that they can use for a night out with the spouse and 2.3 kids.

Perhaps they're not detained by the police on a regular basis.

Whatever. Republicans are supposed to despise the government, and Demos are sposta despise Bushy McHitlerchimp. Why would either expect a calm and well-coordinated relief effort?

I'll be writing about the Authoritarian ethical spectrum later on, which kinda bears on this.


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