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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Faith No More

It has been weeks since Katrina, and still people have a touching faith in the government. I know I've made this point before, but the government has never accomplished anything in a timely or efficient manner.

The DMV? The IRS? The military is the most efficient federal agency, and its waste is incredible.

My car is unregistered because it can't pass emissions. Does the car pass emissions? Yes. Can it be certified? No, because the onboard computer produces an error code. What does the error code mean? The government doesn't know. Ford knows, I know, not that the government has the capacity to find out. Whom would I tell? The governor?

I didn't file my taxes. Oh, I filed. I payed what I owed. The return is technically unfiled because an EIN is wrong. The IRS has the correct number, but... they promised to send it to me so I could send it back. So far, they haven't.

Public schools? They are 180 days a year. Half an hour for lunch, perhaps forty minutes for class changes. half the remaining time is wasted, even when students are in class. Another percentage is spent out of class at whatchacallems... assemblies, that's it. The remaining 3 hours a day is spent on outdated information presented in an ineffective manner.

The agricultural subsidies raise the price of food without increasing profit margins. More money is spent distributing welfare than is in welfare. Gas additives increase pollution and cost. Social Security is insecure.

Darpa and the National Weather Service seem to do all right.

My point is that, whether or not the government can theoretically produce a secure and prosperous land of white picket fences and golden retrievers, it does not do anything in a remotely acceptable manner.

Yet people are surprised at the aftermath of Katrina.


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