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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[Expletive Deleted] morons

"The destruction of crops was designed to aid the economy. The Government, for a fairly brief time destroyed surplus crops and livestoack, and paid farmers not to cultivate land. This was done to raise the price of farm goods which were at a dangerously low level. Farmers were losing their farms in droves. Simply giving the food away would have made the situation worse, with more farmers going out of business. Harsh, but not an unreasonable measure at the time." - SaveElmer, in a DU thread

I can't stop laughing at how asinine this is. Let me explain something about economics to laymen:


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What this means practically is that many, if not most, situations are actually the opposite of what they appear. Beginning physics students often have this problem, though it is present in all sciences. It is difficult to differentiate between the action and reaction without a solid grasp of the underlying laws of the system.

Now, the individual above notes that "crop prices are too low, so farmers are going out of business! this is bad!"

No, it's not bad. When enough farmers go out of business, the supply will shrink and prices will rise as per Econ 101. But what about the poor farmers! Well, they will be able to direct their time and energy to some other business. The evolution of society over the past 600 years or so has seen a continual decrease in the percentage of the population employed in agriculture. If you want to argue against the industrial revolution, the rise of the middle class, and the Enlightenment, be my guest.


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