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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


*Global warming is also occuring on Mars, lending creedence to the sunspot theory.

*Could fiscal conservatism make a comeback? Please pray for it. I plan on being one of the super-rich one day, and high taxes will prevent that. The global depression won't help either.

*Josh Marshal is an idiot. The Davis-Bacon Act is one of the most racist, anti-poor, counterproductive laws in existence. These two facts are only marginally related.

Dangit, I couldn't find an article to explain why. Briefly, Bacon-Davis mandates high wages for workers on federal contracts. The theory is that this will give poor people more money. The reality is that poor people aren't hired for these jobs, because they aren't worth the mandated wage. Highly skilled union workers are brought in from out of town if necessary, and the jobs that would go to the poor do not. The law was originally passed to divert jobs from nonunion blacks to unionized white workers in 1931.

*Conservatives are coming out of the woodwork lately. I thought they were a dying breed, honestly, but they seem to make up a large perentage of the GOP. In contrast, only about half the DNC is 'liberal'.

*"Men don't understand that women live in a daily state of fear, while women don't understand that men simply don't." - Vox Day, a pseudonymous crazy guy on my blogroll.

*I missed Social Distortion on Saturday. For you elderly people, they are the logical successors to Lynyrd Skynyrd. "White Light, White Heat, White Trash" is highly recommended.


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