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Friday, September 23, 2005


"Many of us moderates often pride ourselves on our attachment to making politics rational; we also want politics to serve the greater good." - The Yellow Line

Lovely. However, serving the greater good is the basis of the utilitarian ethical system, which is the foundation of Left ideology.

I sometimes think that Rights ethics is dying, that the enlightenment will have no lasting impact, that I will one day be put in a nursing home, condemned as senile for my crazy beliefs. There was a thread on Scrappleface recently where a few atheists tried to come up with a definition of morality not predicated on God. Since I define Morality as right and wrong, determined by God, I cannot really debate that. From my viewpoint, they were speaking not of morality but ethics.

Ethics, morality, semantics don't matter. They mostly came up with the good ol' utilitarian trope: "Good is that which leads to the greatest happiness for the greatest number. Evil is that which destroys happiness."

No, happiness is happiness. Good is Good. If you desire a non-religious moral code, here it is:

"Those things we do which we would not want other humans to know about are evil. Those things we do that we would be proud of are good."

This definiton is firmly rooted in biology. The conscience evolved to make us look good to other humans by restraining behavior that would otherwise be beneficial, such as stealing food. Stealing food is beneficial- but getting caught would lead to exile from the pack. Hence the evolution of the conscience, and hence my definition.

Now, I'm a Christian with Deist tendencies, so I don't have to think about morality. The Torah is a bit vague on what to do in the 21st century if someone steals your goat, so I have to have a comprehensive system of ethics.

There are four major systems: Utilitarian, Rights, Duty, and Authoritarian. Maybe five... I'll go into greater detail later tonight or tomorrow.


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