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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You can take man out of nature but you cannot take nature out of man.

I am somewhat known for my even temper (read: I don't really care about anything), but yesterday I spontaneously began cursing the radio. I make it a point to listen to local talk radio when I travel, if there are no good rock stations.

I was in central California.

Apparently there is a group called YouthAIDS whose purpose is to slow the spread of HIV among young people. This is particularly a problem in Africa, where the pandemic is well on its way to eliminating all lifeforms above the gazelle. Poverty => ignorance => unprotected sex with carriers. Poverty => prostitution => uswc. Waves of death and dependence on expensive vaccines => economic stagnation => poverty.

Of course, the solution is to eliminate foreign aid, thus toppling the kleptocratic regimes and eventually resulting in greedy capitalist regimes, which produce peaceful growth and educated populations. But solving the world's problems isn't really my concern.

One of the announcers said something along the lines of "I- I hesitate even to say anything because I don't want to offend anyone. But I have to wonder whether people would be so complacent if these were poor white people."

She earned a point for addressing race on the air. She lost 50 points for being ignorant of the 100 MILLION WHITES STALIN KILLED AND THE CONTINUING SLAVE TRADE IN EASTERN EUROPE AND THE GENOCIDE OF THE SERBS AND THE CONTINUED SUICIDE BOMBINGS IN ISRAEL AND THE WHITES KILLED IN SOUTH AFRICA. That last may be some basis for comparison, eh? Yes, we would be complacent. We don't care who dies or how so long as it doesn't threaten our prosperity.

I used somewhat more colorful language. I was also hit by a tumbleweed the size and color of a white-tailed fawn. But I digress.

Well, I don't like the fact that prepubescent African girls are whored out and infected with a dehabilitating auto-immune disorder either. I guarantee that if we tried to invade and solve the problem the same people would complain. They are welcome to keep distributing pamphlets and condoms if they so desire- I doubt that it will have permanent effect.

Incidentally, providing free drugs to extend the lifespan of disease carriers is among the worst ideas of the global era. But I digress.

Listening to the radio around the country has also made it clear that neither side has any idea of what the other is saying, thinking, or doing. Occasionally I will comprehend the puny mind of a liberal long enough to realise that they are operating with truly alien beliefs, even aside from the competing ethical systems. For example, in Texas, it is accepted that you can say whatever you please so long as no one there will be offended. Case in point:

Two men were walking down the beach holding hands when one of them tripped over a lamp. He picked it up and said, "Robbie, look at this!" He was starting to wipe the sand off when a genie appeared. The genie said, "You boys can have three wishes, but you have to share them." That was fine with the gay dudes, so they wished for a big beach house and matching BMWs. They decided to save the third wish. Later that night, they were in bed together when suddenly a group of men in white hoods rushed in, tied them up, and dragged them outside. Robbie said, "Oh my God, Joey, we better use that third wish now!" Joey said, "I already used it! I wished we were both hung like niggers!"

Okay, that was gratuitous. However, I would not hesitate to tell it around my black or gay friends. They would laugh. There isn't even anything disparaging to either group in the joke. However, it is well known that there is a large group who will tolerate any slur against whites, but nothing positive can be said about whites unless it is coupled with some story about raping the buffalo and killing all the Indians.

Yet, here is an announcer in Cali who is apparently under the impression that it's not okay to slur white people. She believed the negative stereotypes- white men want to rule the world and kill everyone in gruesome ways- but she believes that we are so intolerant that we can't hear a little constructive criticism. I thought it was easy to get away with dissing whitey- but she did not.

By the way, the reason Oakland rappers sing about killing the police is because the police are jerks. But I digress.

I think therefore I am-
The ManiaC


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