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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Last time I pounded the pavement my foot bled.

I don't quote many people. The reason for that is that we are all merely nodes in a vast informational network. If someone has a good point or witty turn of phrase, then there are at least 700 -800 other people with the same clever idea. And, while all these talking points and logical arguments are usually specific in nature, I prefer to deal with generalizations first. Then I apply the results to real situations. Quoting someone rarely serves a good purpose for me.

That said, I am going to be waving the flag for Condi 2008, and here's a supportive comment I found on Patrick Ruffini's latest straw poll:

"#60 brandon davis writes:

Nice to know I'm an ultraconservative moonbat because I don't like Giuliani, McCain or Frist (overlooking the political liabilities of each, of course), and because I do like Condi Rice.

The GWOT is going to be a multi-generational effort; I'd rather skip one now, before it gets real, real serious (and give the Dem's a last opportunity to show the depths of their ineptitude to the younger set) and we lose 30,000 in some inner city WMD terrorist strike, than cast a party vote for a candidate that I wouldn't trust and who's record seems to me to indicate a political "business as usual" indifference to the gritty realities of the post 9/11 world ...and perhaps by doing so, send a relevant message to the Party that - as seems apparent to me - it is straying far from the conservative ideological base: some things aren't negotiable issues.

Give me a candidate I like ...or I sit it out. Because I sure as hell don't see the point of supporting the kind of Beltway pork that's appears predicated on The Win without remembering that the reason you win is Doing The Important Stuff ...because otherwise power becomes just an end into itself, and look what a successful strategy that's been for the Democrat Party of the last 40 years (granted that their other problem is a sclerotic inability to see that all their "solutions" turned out to be simply incorrect, and the lack of transformational ideology that isn't based upon some kind of suicidal Nietzcheanism).

And ...screw you too if you don't - or can't - understand the difference between a rational and reasoned difference of opinion and the purely emotional fervor that "moonbats" typically exhibit. That attitude ain't gonna win ya' no converts, buddy.

And "Debate on 'delivering the black vote'"? - Oh really? You seriously think that the black community would vote for Hillary against Rice? That as a historic heretofor monolithic voting bloc they're going to ignore the opportunity - hell with that: the certainty - of putting the first black, let alone the first black AND the first woman into office? Are you being sarcastic? Or ironic, or something?

Because I can't believe that someone is seriously trying to put forth the political smokescreen that running Condi Rice is going to result in the continued dearth of support in the greater black community that the GOP is almost certainly going to continue to "enjoy" as per historical trends, and that the aforementioned black community is actually going to be predisposed to reject the opportunity to elect THE FRICKIN' FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (let alone the fact that she's also a woman). And in favor of another white guy, fat-cat Republican Party faithful campaigner (from their perspective)?

Brilliant strategizing, dude. Are you moonlighting for Howie Dean? Or what?

Condi runs, Condi wins. And the Republican Party shatters the Dem lock on their largest most consistent inner city voting block. The Dems can kiss their largest core consituency bye-bye with Rice as head of the ticket. And every other minority group on the planet sits up an takes notice of a shift in the political paradigm of the Right (let alone how it will shatter the affirmative action diversionary pontifications of the apartheid aristocratic Left).

Do some really, really "Clintonian triangulating" (or simply "Rovian", if you prefer) and team her with Zell Miller as VP, and the remaining Reagan Democrats (and any FDR Dem's that are still able to shuffle their walkers to the voting booth) willingly desert the wacko Lefties at the booth, and it's not even a race.

Why Condi? Because I prefer to win with someone I like and admire, and who'd be good for the country; totally erasing some wounds in the polity that go deep into the history of who we are as a people. And coincidentally, someone I could actually enthusiastically support.

So ...er, yeah. I guess that does make me a an "ultraconservative" moonbat-wingnut."

This guy seems pretty moderate to me, but then I'm a radical libertarian wingnut. You may also want to go to the poll and vote.


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