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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

For the record, Chavez is not a nice guy

but that preacher dude is the political tabloid story of the week- ultimately meaningless. I would like to reexamine the case of political assassinations.

First, is it morally wrong to give Fidel a poisonous cigar? I think that the Torah is pretty clear. Once a dictator kills one person unnecessarily, the "eye for an eye" rule kicks in for the next 3 downs. It could possibly be argued that the act of being a dictator is enough to earn the guillotine, but if a despot isn't even committing serial murder, then he's too minor to worry about. For you kooky Muslims, most dictators are infidels and may be slaughtered at convenience. And I'm not sure why secular humanists are reading this paragraph- morality as such doesn't really pertain to you.

The ethical question can almost be answered along the same lines as the moral question. A dictator is pretty clearly violating the rights of others and therefore forfeits his own. If you're a pinko, you don't believe in rights as such and you may skip to the next paragraph. Oops, this one's over anyway. Haha, stupid commies.

Killing a world leader must be considered very carefully. Although the Bush Doctrine rejects stability as an excuse for totalitarianism, removing a regime must be carefully considered. Simply because we can feel morally superior while doing something doesn't mean that we should do it. If Evel Knievel jumped off a bridge, would you? Overreaching our military resources or risking a bloodbath would be foolish, and the negative fallout will make the commies sad.

Sad commies are incapable of humor; (see moveon.org). Don't depress the commies.

Killing a world leader other than a dictator or highly ranked apparatchik is more questionable. During a war, assuming that the war is justified, everyone is fair game. Thus a liberal democracy that invades us for oil would be subject to assassinations and terrorism. However, surgically removing a loser from office for the sake of a trade agreement would be 1) immoral 2) unethical 3) bad PR.

Public image must also be considered when killing a foreign leader, but since most people hate politicians I doubt an individual act would be poorly received. The overall policy of assassination would be less favorably viewed by the rest of the world.


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