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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yeehaw, now we're having fun.

I constantly hear phrases such as "outing a CIA operative at a time of war," "supporting the troops during wartime," and "blah blah torture blah, blah blah nation at war."

Let's be clear about this; we are waging a small-scale, elective war using paid professionals and a large supplemental budget. The line between violence and diplomacy is a construct of polite society, as diplomacy is largely founded on threats of violence. Don't take my word for it; read the complete works of Henry Kissinger. After you do, fill me in.

... That went way off topic. The thrust is that this war is being fought to preserve and improve our way of life, and allowing it to degrade our quality of life is an odd trade-off.

Anyway, while this war does have effects external to its theater, it does not alter the laws of physics or morality, or the philosophy of natural rights. Moreover, war never ends. We will be at war forever. Using war as an excuse or mitigating factor for anything is a weakness of willpower on par with splurging on a diet because it's a special occasion. If you can afford the calories, or the spending on stingers, or the loss of civil liberties, knock yourself out. If you cannot, then using war as an excuse is laughable.

There's also that whole thing about democracy, wartime leaders, Bush= Hitler or somesuch. Go ask a moonbat. It's really a valid concern. The funny thing about the moonbats is that, because they can comprehend the slippery slope of nationalist demagoguery, they believe it exists in reality. It's a classic GT Kid syndrome- a theory is plausible, therefore it must be true.

Over and out.


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