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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Words to preface lies with

because there is no such thing. Many people see dark, shadowy alliances in the opposition. Dark, shadowy people do not form alliances.

Machiavellian. Anyone using this term is ingenuously implying that they themselves are not Machiavellian, which is itself... suggested in The Prince. A Prince must give the appearance of every virtue.

, as in "There is a rich history and tradition of consultation between the President and the Senate on Supreme Court nominees."

While. While it is a perfectly good conjunction, the second clause always blatantly contradicts the first.

Troubled. I am troubled that many politicians use this word to appear moderate.

Moderate. There is no gray area, except in the human mind. Any appearance of moderation is merely a very subtle pattern of black and white.

Liberal. I like liberal portions of beef. I'm not quite sure what this has to do with politics. Oh, food stamps. I see.

Patriotism. I like this country as long as it shares my values and no longer. I suspect most people feel the same, although sentiment is worth a song or two.

Restraint. There is no restraint, so long as we exist in the realm of classical physics. We either do or do not.

Environment. The environment will always exist in some form. We should be improving it, not conserving it. Besides, time is an illusion.

Hillary. As in, "Hillary, I swear..."

more later. have business now.


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