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Monday, July 11, 2005

Roving Eyes

The Plame incident has been slightly less important to me than the quality of peanut oil, and I suspect that the general public will not care either. To recap:

Joe Wilson, a minor functionary, was authorized by his wife to investigate the Iraq-Uranium-Insignificant Backwater connection. He found no connection. He wrote an editorial about the lack of a connection, in an effort to debunk the administration's use of this connection to further one of its eleven main arguments for invading Iraq. Karl Rove, speaking to a reporter, said not to trust Wilson because his wife authorized the trip, and was a WMD expert at the CIA. The CIA was widely believed to oppose the Iraq invasion.

Turns out Wilson's wife was a secret agent, which a completely different reporter gratuitously mentioned on TV. The NYT immediately began demanding that someone go to prison for this breach of nationl security, while the WSJ opined that no crime had actually taken place. Two NYT reporters were then charged with contempt of court, and the NYT changed its position.

A year passed, while the literati looked around in confusion. One reporter went to jail for contempt, or obstructing justice or somesuch. The other struck a deal with his source. Some company agreed, under legal pressure, to release memos that revealed the next-to-last sentence of the second paragraph of this post.

The investigator, who is not Kenneth Starr, has made no good soundbites. The literati are looking at each other in confusion again. Karl Rove, they agree, is behind this somehow.

My prediction is that nothing will come of this.

[Update: For the record, I would've done the same thing as Rove, under most circumstances.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger ManiaC Provost said...

Interesting. That article discloses a lot of information about the secret workings of our national security.

7:37 PM  

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