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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Manuel Errata

The Roberts nomination seems as though it will go smoothly. There are mixed reactions from conservatives, but I am cautiously optimistic about his performance on the bench.

Speaking of Roe v. Wade: We all know that the legal decision was pulled from a warm, dark place, rather than the constitution. However, the 5th amendment right to due process and the 10th amendment blanket right could be construed to legalise abortion nationally. Even if Roe were overturned and no equivalent decision substituted, most state legislatures would allow abortion to some arbitrary extent.

Speaking of Abortion: There are fine ethical fracture lines dividing the abortion issue. All of the fractures meet at critical points such as "When does the fetus have natural rights?" and "What natural rights?" To a socialist, these are irrelevant questions. The socialist fracture line veers off to the left somewhere.

Assuming natural rights start at birth, abortion is fine and dandy.

Assuming natural rights start at conception (or some other point), then killing the fetus is a bad thing to do. The fetus has a right to life, but not to food and care at the expense of the mother. Therefore, if the fetus is removed intact and allowed to starve, that's also fine. What's good enough for Terri Schiavo is good enough for a fetus.

Morally, this would not be a wise thing to attempt. Explaining it on judgement day would be a major faux pass.

I may be having lunch with Dino Rossi in the next couple of weeks, so I'll let yall know what he says. I know not him personally, but my mom's boss is a friend of his, and as the punchline of an involved story he's going to come by the business for lunch. There are about 10 - 15 employees, and as this is WA state, they're all incompetent. [edit: except my mother, of course.] Rossi's dog is named Dubya.

It's cold here. Can't wait to return to AZ.

You all know that The Chronicles of Narnia were already made as movies once, right?

While I was driving through San Fancisco, I listened to some mentally challenged individuals on the radio, broadcasting from an immigration forum put together by Sheila Jackson Lee. That was truly frightening. Apparently the terrorists that have been documented crossing our southern border are a ruse by big business to keep labor prices low.

Somebody shot my car while I was in East LA. It looks like a 9mm. That's what happens when you don't repair broken turn signals promptly.


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