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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'll be back

on Tuesday eve, but until then I'll extol the virtues of American hegemony.

Hegemony means peace. Peace is good.

America represents freedom, to a large extent. While, legally, we have been trimming freedom back, we have been expanding personal freedom in a societal sense. Women's sufferage was... possibly a good thing. The civil rights act was nice. The Americans with Disabilities Act- not so nice. However, even rich white males are less constrained by social mores. At some point I think we'll start expanding our legal liberty again, and maybe even move away from the communist monstrosity of Kelo v. New London.

When I speak of American Hegemony, I don't mean direct political control of 13000 states. Admittedly, a red, white and navy blue flag with a golden galaxy of stars on the field would be k-rad, but it would be unwieldy and unstable.

I would far prefer 150 or so large confederate democracies, at peace and following the model of Western liberalism. No tariffs, free travel, and much laxer immigration restrictions would ensure sustained global economic growth until the natural resources run out and the Four Horsemen walk the earth, sowing destruction and heralding the end of days.

Excuse me, that was just the habanero coming up.

American Hegemony is the spread of our values, not political control. American values are about the lack of such control. No one forces me to wear grey and shave my head; I do it myself.

Moreover, economic, social, and political freedom reinforce each other. Although one or another democracy may fall, free markets seem to be a fairly stable end state. They literally seek the lowest energy solution.


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